Antler Luggage Reviews

in the beginning of this Antler luggage reviews, we will share with you something about Antler. Antler is a luxury luggage, travel accessories and other handbags company from Great Britain. Antler has rich history of great quality products for traveling or every day. It is on the market for about 90 years now and still has great quality products. Today a company’s headquarters is in London, Great Britain. When you look at their history you will see that they actually started with saddles and leathery goods, which has developed in one great quality company for luggage today. So, from saddles to luggage, Antler has opened a new era in traveling with one of the first soft top suitcase. That was then a big hit, because he had sold  the entire line in almost a day.

Today, Antler is a company that provides quality, fancy design and durability in their products. It is interesting that almost every In Antler luggage reviews you will see that all Antler luggage have similar design and that is some 3D lines on the top, which makes their luggage look even better. We will give you a short Antler luggage reviews so you can see their interesting design and find out which Antler product is best for you and your traveling needs for future. They offer a warranty with every product which can show us the quality of their quality, performance, durability and last but not least, design.


Antler Liquis Luggage Reviews

Antler Liquis Luggage ReviewsOur personal favorite in Antler’s production is Antler Liquis so it is naturally that among all Antler luggage reviews this would be the first one. Why it is the favorite one? One thing that swept us of our feet was the design. The color is navy blue and those 3D lines on the luggage looks like a little waves, like it is meant for traveling to the sea. But, if you aren’t a fan of navy blue it also comes in red and chocolate. The whole luggage is hard-cased, which means that your things will be safe and dry inside no matter the weather you are encountering. Even though it is a hard-case it isn’t too heavy which is definitely and advantage.  There is one problem when it comes to hard-cases generally and that is, you can’t over pack it. They can’t expand like soft-sided luggage which can provide you a little bit more space with that expanding.

In Antler luggage reviews we are looking exterior and interior.  Antler Luquis has some tricks up its sleeve, or we can say interior. Even though it has only two big compartments, it has many little pockets for organizing your clothes and it also has a small nylon pocket that has a zipper so you can put there clothes that got dirty. For easier transportation it has 4 wheels on the bottom that can turn in any direction and it is really stable. It won’t trip over when standing up.  This little navy blue luggage is not just safe from weather or bad transportation, it has a TSA secure lock to protect your clothes and other belongings from thieves.  It also comes with a 10 year warranty.


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Antler Geolite Luggage Reviews

Antler Geolite Luggage ReviewsEven this luggage has those 3D lines we have talked about earlier. Those lines are actually connected to the name of the line or luggage. For example , this Antler Geolite has 3D lines on the top that looks like a rock, they are parallel straight lines different lengths. Luggage above, Luquis, has wavy lines which represent liquids. Now, back to the Antler luggage reviews. Geolite luggage comes in three sizes, large, medium and small. For easier transportation of the large and medium sizes every luggage has 4 wheels that can turn in every direction. The small size doesn’t have that because it is made for carrying, it has many handles due to that. This luggage comes in two colors, midnight blue and cranberry, a slightly darker colors which match this rocky line.

Hard-case on this luggage is made of tough polycarbonare shell that will make sure your belongings are safe during the entire trip. Just like with the Antler luggage reviews of Luquis line, this line has two main compartments that are separated and you will get small pocket with zipper for your dirty clothes. Even though there are wheels for easier transportation, sometimes you won’t be able to use them, but for those situations experts behind Antler luggage have a solution.  Geolite luggage has soft ergonomic handles that are made in that way to make any lifting and carrying as comfortable as it can be. This product also comes with 10 year warranty, like the Luquis line. This warranty comes with almost every luggage Antler produces.


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Marcus Suitcase Reviews

Marcus Suitcase ReviewsThis suitcase is different from Antler luggage reviews we have made so far. One big difference you can notice at the first glance is that this is soft-sided suitcase. We have made this review so you can see that Antler can provide hard and soft suitcases and that their variety in products is big. Marcus comes in many different colors like black, red, blue and many more. It has soft and clean design, without any lines on the top. The only thing that can be noticed on the top is one small pocket  and all you can see is a zipper. Even though it isn’t hard-case your clothes will be safe with TSA lock on the side of the suitcase.  The material of this Antler luggage is Polyester and the variety in color is bigger than the hard-case luggage.

The interior of this soft case luggage is lined and fitted with elasticated straps that hold your clothes folded together. The lid of the luggage is also used for storage. There is one pocket that is big enough for shoes or dirty clothes you have gathered during trip. Wheels are a must have in Antler’s luggage because they do provide easier transportation, so Marcus also has 4 wheels that can turn in any direction. Since it is a soft-sided luggage, this one you can over pack, so it can hold a little bit more clothes than the hard-cases mentioned in Antler luggage reviews.


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