Best Carry On Luggage 2016

With checked bag fees and strict size limits for carry-on luggage, the airlines are making it more and more difficult for you to take that quick business trip or weekend getaway. You need to have a good, strong, durable carry-on bag that meets airline specifications. The good news is that the industry leaders know what you need and have been making improvements in their carry-on bags.

One of the latest trends in best carry on luggage 2016 you might see is the prevalence of hard-sided luggage. These bags are made of technologically advanced materials that are strong but lightweight. A hard-shelled carry-on bag would be a good choice if you are pretty disciplined about what you pack – many of them do not expand. You will also find that these bags do not flex, bend, or otherwise alter their shape. That’s a positive while you travel, but a negative when you have to store it in your small closet at home.

Soft-sided category best carry on luggage 2016 are better than ever. Innovations in fabrication make the outsides tear- and water-resistant, while maintaining a light feel. Soft-sided bags come in more varieties and are more flexible than hard cases. Extras like padding and expandability make these a good choice for some travellers.


Regardless of the type you choose in best carry on luggage 2016, look for the following features for the most value for your money. Spinning wheels are a must – even though these bags are smaller, and lightweight than full-sized suitcases, you still need to rush through the airport, and spinning wheels will not impede your progress. Look for the latest in telescoping handles, ergonomic design, and security measures. Here are three excellent choices for your consideration:

1. Travelpro Luggage Crew 9

Travelpro Crew-9 21” Carry-onThis company started when a pilot saw the need for luggage that was easier to handle for flight crews. Travelpro was born and has been producing quality luggage for decades. The first company to use wheel, its innovative Rollaboard line, today Travelpro makes your trip easier. When you need the latest in convenience in a carry-on bag, turn to the best carry on luggage 2016, Travelpro Luggage Crew 9. It’s the one chosen by thousands of travel professionals, and professionals who travel.

The 21” best carry on luggage 2016, is a hardshell spinner, and is made to last. Made of polycarbonate, it is lightweight and durable. You will turn heads when you push or pull this sleek little bag through the airport. The larger back wheels, a Travelpro innovation, add to the ease of motion. The PowerSope extension arm is created so you don’t have to stoop down as you rush to your destination. This arm is long and strong enough to add another bag with ease.

When you go aboard, it will fit in the overhead bin and keep all your belongings safe. Packing the stuff you need for your short jaunt is a breeze with the Crew 9. There is plenty of room for the essentials and a little extra. When you arrive at your destination, you will see that it all stayed in place. The zippers and straps allow you toorganize efficiently. This bag will please you for years!

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2. Samsonite DKX 2.0 Wheeled Garment Bag

Samsonite DKX 2.0 Wheeled Garment BagAlmost all travellers have either owned or seriously looked at a bag from Samsonite. This Company has been making its quality bags for decades, and they are all guaranteed. The latest offering from Samsonite in best carry on luggage 2016 is a favourite for people who have to travel with suits or other hang-up garments. The Samsonite DKX 2.0 Wheeled Garment Bag is a new player in the field, and well worth more than just a look.

It is soft-sided because it is literally a folded garment bag. The outer fabric, Denier, is strong and durable, and has a deep weave – a must for finer luggage. The wheels and push-button extension handle make going through the airport or train station a breeze. It takes virtually no effort to roll this bag along. Outside, too, are two pockets, meant for easy access for items such as a laptop or your travel papers. The easy-grip top handle makes this bag easy to lift to the overhead bin or out of the trunk of your car, and it weighs only 9 pounds.

The real magic of this best carry on luggage 2016, though, is how it’s designed inside. It opens like a book, and can be zipped shut to keep everything in place. There is a wally clip for your to hang your garments, keeping your suit or fancy dress safe from too many wrinkles. Numerous mesh pockets and compartments make packing and staying organized very easy – a real plus when you’re in a hurry to catch the next flight. Tie –down straps and shoe pockets ensure there’s a place for everything. This bag is an obvious winner!

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3. Tumi Alpha 2 International

Tumi Alpha 2 InternationalA leader in luxury luggage, Tumi makes the best carry on luggage 2016 available to the most discriminating travellers. If you want the best in technology, design, and workmanship, look to Tumi. The Alpha 2 line offers the ultimate in engineering and function for the frequent traveller. Design features like wheels that are recessed – giving you more interior room – make these bags super-luxe and highly coveted. The top-of-the line carry-on is the Tumi Alpha 2 International. Available in a couple of models, the ultimate is the four-wheeled version.

Another soft-sided option, the Alpha 2 is made of FXT ballistic nylon,a Tumi exclusive. You can count on this bag to retain its beauty for many, many trips to come. Of course, the wheels spin effortlessly, and the three-stage extension arm allows you to adjust the handle to the perfect height for traipsing through the airport or hotel lobby. The handles are patented through Tumi’s X-Brace 45 system, and make for seamless design and easy accessibility. Bumpers on the corners add to strength and durability to the corners of this bag, and a TSA-approved lock adds to the security.

Inside, you’ll find all the room you’ll need, plus components that keep you organized and your things safe and sound. Mesh zip pockets, a ticket pocket, a passport pocket, and tie-down straps give you a place for everything. There’s even a removable garment bag in the lid, and a hanger bracket. When you get to your destination, your clothes and other essentials will still be fresh and virtually wrinkle-free. The luxury of this best carry on luggage 2016 will make you feel like a royal or other VIP!

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