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Traveling can be done even with the help of an old suitcase that is falling to pieces, but anyone would agree that it is a completely different experience when done with the proper luggage. When making a list of things that need to be done before embarking on a journey, we tend to forget that fact. Especially if you’re a tourist that has the chance to travel once or twice a year, choosing the best carry on suitcase will be the last thing on your mind. When you are a more frequent traveler, your priorities change. You are no longer concerned with some of the things that have been on the top of your list before you started travelling on a regular basis, and you start seeing a quality piece of luggage as a necessity. Whether you need to pack a lot of stuff into a really small bag, or make sure that your formal wear doesn’t get wrinkled, you will find exactly what you’re looking for in one of the items that comprise the list that follows.

Bric’s Bellagio Carry-on Spinner Trunk

Bric's Bellagio Carry-on Spinner Trunk

The Bric’s spinner trunk is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. Its many useful features include double rubber wheels that make the carry on move smoothly, a top carry handle that minimizes the amount of effort you’ll need to drag it around, and TSA approved locks that ensure the safety of your belongings. The suitcase is also equipped with an adjustable handle made of aluminum. The interior is spacious and well-organized, featuring zipper pockets, a snap-buckle and a zip-around divider compartment, and a business card pocket. The zippers are made to be water repellent. Its design makes the spinner trunk a fashionable choice as well.

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Delsey Helium Carry-on Trolley Case

Delsey Helium Carry-on Trolley Case

The Delsey carry on is the perfect piece of luggage for any trip, be it a business or pleasure kind. Its biggest advantages are durability, spaciousness and stylishness. Since it is equipped with a three-dial TSA approved lock, the case will make sure that no harm befalls your posessions, even when you are not there to keep an eye on them. The interior provides plenty of space to store your clothes, accessories, books and portable devices. The top cover features a mesh pocket that goes along the entire length of the suitcase, making it perfect for packing formal wear. It seems that there are plenty of reasons for the Delsey Helium being called the best carry on suitcase.

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Tumi Tegra-lite International Expandable Carry-on

Tumi Tegra-lite International Expandable Carry-on

The last, but not the least, is the Tumi Tegra-lite carry on. The material used in the production of this case is extremely tough, making it a safe choice for packing even the more fragile items. What’s really great about it is the fact that it’s still quite lightweight. The interior provides you with enough space to pack for a weekend getaway, while the hard case serves the purpose of preventing you from packing too much. These are the advantages that have made travellers call the Tumi Tegra-lite the best carry on suitcase ever.

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