Best Hardside Luggage

You’ve seen them rolling effortlessly alongside their proud owners. You’ve coveted their sleek design and seeming weightlessness. They make any trip a breeze and any owner’s life easier. It’s best hardside luggage, and you want a piece of it. As you shop for your bag, keep in mind that all hardsides are not alike. You must be discriminating and get the most for your money.

You may like the freedom of cramming a ton of stuff into your softside case. Be aware that many hardshell cases are not expandable, and will not fold down or bend. That is a good thing when it comes to protecting your things, but a bad thing if it won’t fit in your closet or trunk. Also note that hardside luggage will show scrapes and scratches, but if you think of them as beauty marks, you’ll be fine. Best hardside luggage are more waterproof and do keep your precious belongings safe.

One of the things you should look for in a good hardshell case is the latest in materials. Long gone are the days of vinyl that rips and buckles under pressure. Best hardside luggage are made of materials such as polycarbonate, which is strong, durable, and lightweight. You should also look for advancements in wheels and extension handles. You do not want a bag, no matter how shiny and lightweight is it, that’s hard to take through the airport.


Since you are looking for a good hardshell case, here are three of the best hardside luggage to consider:

1. Samsonite Black Label Firelite 20” Spinner Carry-on

Samsonite Black Label Firelite 20” Spinner Carry-onAn iconic brand since our grandparents were young, Samsonite is synonymous with quality. The Black Label line is the epitome of style and luxury, and you know you are worth the splurge. Always one to innovate and meet its customer’s needs, Samsonite has hit the jackpot with the Firelite line. A number of sizes is available, but one of the best hardside luggage is the Samsonite Black Label Firelite 20” Spinner Carry-on.

The strong, bold lines of this case make people take a second look. It is definitely one of the best out there. With its awesome stylish design and top-of-the-line functionality, it may even be the perfect bag. It is both durable and surprisingly light, weighing in at only 4 pounds! This is because of the high-quality top-notch material used in the production process. Like many of Samsonite’s bags, it takes advantage of the patented material called Curv, which is comprised of woven polypropylene. This is one tough bag and it will keep everything inside safe and sound. No more worrying about that souvenir vase you bought on your trip! Everything will arrive at the destination without a scratch. Four multi-directional wheels and a locking extension arm make it glide with you, whether you’re in the train station, airport, or hotel.

Additional features include ergonomic top and side handles and TSA-approved lock. Inside, you’ll find that you can zip each side completely, so no more messy fall-out. This is an excellent choice for your first hardcase luggage.

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2. Travelpro Crew-9 21” Carry-on

Travelpro Crew-9 21” Carry-onWith a name like Travelpro, this company better deliver! Founded by a pilot who wanted to create better luggage for himself and other flight crews, Travelpro was the first to introduce Rollaboard luggage. This innovation has changed bags to this day, and Travelpro continues to employ the best in engineering and design. The choice of thousands of people who make their living helping us travel, Travelpro will meet your needs at a reasonable price. At the top of the best hardside luggage is the expandable Travelpro Crew-9 21” Carry-on.

This really, really nice bag is made of the latest polycarbonate, making it both durable and lightweight. Made from the finest available material, this bag is top-of-the-line. It’s going to go lots of places with you for years to come. One of the features of this bag is the larger back wheels, allowing for effortless movement, even if you have to run to your gate. The patented PowerScope handle locks in place while it’s extended, and locks in place when it’s closed. If you need to support your computer bag on it, or a smaller overnight bag, no worries.

Inside, there’s room for all your essentials, and you will be pleased to see that everything will stay in its place. This bag was made with functionality as a priority. Between the zippers, compartments, and straps, you’ll be able to secure your stuff. You will feel like a real pro when you travel with this hardshell case!

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3. Samsonite Fiero 20”Spinner

Samsonite Fiero 20”SpinnerFiero is another fine set from Samsonite. Available in several colors, some of them bright and cheerful, this line is a winner. The outside is made of a diamond-texture polycarbonate, giving these bags a shimmery finish. The Samsonite Fiero 20” Spinner would be an ideal carry-on if you want expandability and durability.

This bag has four sets of spinner wheels, which were engineered to give you the latest in maneuverability. Whether you want to push or pull this bag, on either two wheels or four, you will see that it almost floats under your command with just a speck of effort on your part. No more stumbling through the airports and streets with your luggage tumbling over at every turn! Since it weighs only a little over 7 pounds, you won’t wear yourself out toting it along. And given the light weight, it is surprising how durable this bag is. There’s also the security of a TSA lock which will take your mind off worrying about your valuables during your trip. The easy-grip handles will also make your life easier. Inside the bag, you’ll find luxurious lining and enough room for everything you’ll need. The interior is highly functional and practical, so you won’t have to fuss and worry while getting ready. Pack your things, strap them in, zip them in, and you’re off!

You will have other travelers looking longingly at your new hardshell luggage. You can be assured that best hardside luggage will be a great investment from trip one to trip three hundred!

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