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Buying luggage can be a tiresome ordeal, especially if you are unwilling to pay a lot of money for a bag. Since most of us are on a budget, we often believe we won’t be able to afford quality. Fortunately, this is not always true. Although many good products come with a matching price tag, there are manufacturers who want to provide their customers with moderately priced products without compromising on the overall quality. Since looking for a bag that is both good and not that expensive is a difficult task, we have decided to do the job for you. We managed to find two great products that can without any hesitation be called the best inexpensive luggage. We hope that, by doing this, we made your life at least a bit easier. Here is the review of the first product.

Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Boarding Bag

Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Boarding Bag

The Samsonite boarding bag is a piece of luggage that won’t fail to amaze you. It is at the same time spacious, lightweight, elegant and easy to handle. This can all be thanked to the brand having over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing such products.  The Samsonite Hyperspace boarding bag features a large opening on the front that enables you to easily and at all times access the contents of your bag without having to go to much trouble. It is equipped with an organizer that you can use to neatly pack your belongings. The organizer is also removable, which allows you to manipulate the main compartment according to your own needs. Apart from the main one, the Samsonite bag is also equipped with multiple extra organization compartments that should help you squeeze in all your accessories. Another great feature is the padded compartment that is designed to be shock absorbing, and thus perfect for storing the more sensitive items, such as laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. The material used in the production of the Samsonite bag is an innovative blend that resists many different stains. The Dual Spinner wheels provide you with the smoothest ride, even when your bag is fully packed. The rear wheels have been made larger to make pulling the bag a lot easier for you. You get all this for a very low price, which is why the Samsonite bag is the perfect candidate for the best inexpensive luggage.

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American Tourister Splash Upright Suitcase

American Tourister Splash Upright Suitcase

The bag is at the same time very spacious, lightweight and moderately priced, which is why we have decided to include it in the best inexpensive luggage category. The line includes 21, 25 and a 29-inch bag. All three of them can accommodate lots of clothes and accessories, the smallest one being great for an extended weekend, and the largest one for a two week getaway. The bags are equipped with two in-line skate wheels that are attached to the rear sides. They are sturdy and able to endure heavy weights, as well as rough handling, while at the same time running really smoothly. The fabric is of the highest quality, making the American Tourister Splash suitcase a real catch.

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