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Nowadays there are countless different products in the luggage category. From smaller carry-ons to extra-large hard-shell suitcases, you can choose a piece of luggage that will satisfy your every need. The technology is quite advanced, so even the smallest bags can accommodate plenty of clothes and travelling equipment. Maybe this is the reason why people have been buying small suitcases more than any of the other products, thinking that it is better to own something light and spacious than one of those heavy old-fashioned cases, no matter how much space they provided. Well, the fact is that you don’t have to limit yourself like that anymore. Luggage manufacturers have perfected ways of making even the largest bags lightweight, so if you are going on a longer trip, don’t be afraid to pack your things into one of those. If you are still not convinced, read the following reviews. They will help you realize the benefits of the best large suitcase.

Samsonite Lift 29-inch Spinner Suitcase

Samsonite Lift 29-inch Spinner Suitcase

This is a big bag, and as such, it should be quite heavy, don’t you think? Well, think again! Thanks to the carefully selected and processed materials, the Samsonite spinner suitcase is actually pretty lightweight, while at the same time remaining spacious. Its main compartment provides you with lots of space to store clothes, shoes, toiletries and all the other accessories. The front side of the Lift spinner is equipped with a pocket that you can use to store items you might need while still travelling to your destination. It is a useful feature, especially since you would otherwise have to unzip the whole case to access the things you need. The Samsonite suitcase features spinner wheels, an invention that makes the lives of travellers a lot easier. It can be considered the best large suitcase because it provides you with so much space, while at the same time being light and very easy to handle. The spinner wheels will make you able to push and pull it without feeling any strain. The suitcase is also beautifully designed. For a more traditional look, choose the black one. If you want to spice it up a bit, the bag is also available in blue and bright red.

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IT LuggageMegaLite Premium Collection 33-inch Spinner Suitcase

IT LuggageMegaLite Premium Collection 33-inch Spinner Suitcase

IT is easily one of the best luggage brands that are currently available. The MegaLite Premium Collection is the result of years of experimenting with different features to make them just right. The end products are a complete success! The 33-inch spinner suitcase, although large, is ultra light, especially thanks to the innovative frameless design. The lightness hasn’t been achieved by compromising on the sturdiness or the stability. In fact, the suitcase features a molded base, something that makes it tougher than other bags, even the smaller ones. It is equipped with organizer pockets, as well as a waterproof PVC one. It is also semi-expandable, which is a feature that provides you with 2.2” of additional packing space. These are only the main features that make the IT MegaLite the best large suitcase.

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