Best Leather Luggage Brands

When buying new luggage, we often make a lot of mistakes. The most common one is paying too much for a suitcase that just isn’t worth it. You don’t need to be a genius to know that nowadays most things are overpriced. This is probably the main reason why people eventually give up the search for quality items that come with reasonable prices. After all, they are quite difficult to find, and even when you think you’ve finally found them, it can turn out that you were wrong to think so.

If you are one of those who would rather pay extra and be sure that you got exactly what you wanted, we might have something for you. What follows are the reviews of two best leather luggage brands. Leather is, after all, a material with which you simply cannot go wrong!

AmeriLeather Leather 25″ Expandable Upright

AmeriLeather Leather 25″ Expandable Upright

We will start with the AmeriLeather suitcase, a leather bag that won’t fail to amaze you, especially if this will be the first time you own something made of leather. AmerLeather can be included in the list of the best leather luggage brands for many reasons, the first and the main one being the quality of materials. Not all leather items are of the highest quality, but you can be sure that with AmeriLeather you are getting what you paid for. They use only top-grain leather, and their suitcases feature cowhide leather construction. The main inner compartment is made to be very spacious and well-organized. It is lined with high quality nylon that will serve as protection for your belongings. It also features crossed straps that you can use to fix your clothes in place and prevent them from getting wrinkled. Apart from the storage space in the main compartment, the suitcase is equipped with a zippered pocket on the back and two zippered pouch pockets on the front, as well as a handy business card slot with a transparent plastic cover. The in-line skate wheels and the locking telescopic handle are there to make your travelling experience much less strenuous and much more relaxed. The AmeriLeather suitcase also features extra carry handles, a security lock, and a snap-on strap that you can use to attach another bag. Apart from the high quality leather, spaciousness and lovely desing are also what made us include this suitcase in our list of the best leather luggage brands.

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Claire Chase Rolling Duffel

Claire Chase Rolling Duffel

Sophistication is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the Claire Chase duffel. Made from only the top quality cowhide leather and lined with hand selected satin, it is a dream come true for anyone who is into both functionality and style. The main compartment is equipped with three handy pockets, as is the exterior of the bag. The retractable pull handle transforms the duffel from a beautiful hand bag into an elegant carry-on.  The in-line skate wheels make handling a lot easier, while the back side bumper guards protect the leather. The design of the bag is one of its best features, making the Claire Chase duffel deserving of being included in the best leather luggage brands list.

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