Best Lightweight Luggage

Remember how excited you were when you got that matching set of luggage for graduation? It held the promise of exotic voyages and great adventures. You just knew you would see the world. In today’s travel world, that old set of bags will just not cut it. With airlines limiting the weight on your checked bags, and your bad back limiting the weight of your carry-ons, you need to look into best lightweight luggage.

Dragging heavy suitcases with shoddy wheels and weak handles is so last century. You want best lightweight luggage that gets you to your terminal or taxi in no time. When looking for a carry-on, say a 21” bag, you should look for something that weighs less than 10 pounds. There are plenty of bags that weigh as little as 5 or 8 pounds!

Check that the frame of your bag is both lightweight and flexible. Some pieces come with collapsible frames that fold for easy storage, and the lock into place for use. Soft-sided luggage will be the lightest, and you don’t have to worry about their falling apart. Look for durable, rip-resistant fabrics like nylon or something with a thick weave (think tweedy-looking). Now that you have an idea of what to look for, here are three of the best lightweight bags on the market:


Tumi Voyager Super Léger International Carry-on

Tumi Voyager Super Léger International Carry-onNamed for an ancient Peruvian god, Tumi is synonymous with luxury and international travel. The most exacting travelers choose this brand because of its design principles, superior durability, and innovation. A Tumi case is an investment that will last for years and years, and comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty and a 5-year limited warranty. The Voyager Super Léger International Carry-on is one fine example of best lightweight luggage. This particular piece is a best-seller for Tumi, and with good reason. You will be the envy of everyone on the plane when you waltz aboard with this little masterpiece. It meets the carry-on size requirements for all international flights and is the perfect size for a weekend getaway. Tumi is proud to offer this soft-sided nylon bag in a number of rich fabrics, including new prints from designer Jonathan Alder.

Outside, you’ll notice the leather trim and reinforced handles. The wheels and telescoping handle have benefitted from the latest technology, and will work with you, not against you. You’ll also notice the two outside compartments. One pocket is large enough for your computer or tablet – great for easy access when you want to watch your favorite movies during the flight. Inside, there is a zippered section to keep everything in place. Stretchy straps help you organize the rest of your stuff, keeping it safe and sound. Fully expandable, easy to use, and charming to look at, the Tumi Voyager Super Léger International Carry-on is one of the best lightweight luggage.

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Samsonite Lift

Samsonite LiftOne of the oldest and most reliable brands of luggage is Samsonite. “Ready to go anywhere,” Samsonite keeps innovating and meeting the demands of even the pickiest travelers. For over a hundred years, customers have relied on the quality and durability of Samsonite products. The Lift line continues in this tradition, offering the latest in best lightweight luggage. Both are expandable, so go ahead and buy a few more souvenirs! Choose the size you need (or get both!), and you’ll be happy with your investment. The Lift comes in a 21” spinner carry-on and a 29” spinner full-sized case. Both are “lightweight innovations for travel,” (get it? l-i-f-t). Made of beautiful, durable material that is even lighter than the industry-standard nylon, these bags are strong and easy to carry.

You won’t waste you energy because the 360 degree spinner wheels make moving through the airport or train station a breeze. Like all best lightweight luggage, the Lift has convenient pockets on the outside, sure to be put to good use for the things you need – your passport, your laptop, or the work you really need to finish before that meeting. Samsonite has integrated the top and side handles into the shell itself – there’s NO WAY these will fall off!! Both the carry-on and the rolling case offer room enough inside for all your essentials, and the zippered compartments and straps allow for organized, secure packing. So pack up and get on your way with a lift!

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Eagle Creek Travel Gateway

Eagle Creek Travel GatewayEagle Creek has been making super-functional backpacks and other luggage items for over 40 years. Known for sporty ruggedness, this company searches endlessly for the best lightweight luggage, durable fabrics to produce what the intrepid traveler demands. The Eagle Creek Travel Gateway is one of the company’sofferings. Because it’s designed by travelers, for travelers, you should not be surprised with how much you love your Gateway. If you want the greatest maneuverability, opt for the 4-wheeled spinner. It’s made of patented materials, like the Helix shell and Bi-Tek corners and bottom. Even if you take this bag on trials or through rough terrain, it’ll keep your stuff safe.

The outside pockets have patented zippers, and the top and side handles are made to grab quickly.  The Gatewayis expandable by 15% and has wheels and handles to be easy on the body. Open this bag up book-style, and you’ll find a roomy compartment with zippers and straps to secure all your clothes and gear. If you have other pieces by Eagle Creek, you’ll be able to use the suggested “Pack-It” System. Eagle Creek bags are not for the leisurely traveler who wants to be trés chic. These bags are for the serious traveler who needs to get away, and NOW, but not break the bank or the back!

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Whether you are traveling for business or for a visit with your far-flung friends and relatives, you want to go lightly with best lightweight luggage. With the advances in design and materials, luggage has come a long way since your grandparents bought that old matching set.

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