Best Luggage Brands 2014

Seasoned travellers demand a hassle-free trip, especially where luggage is concerned. That is why they want the latest in technology, design, and durability in their bags. The top brands of luggage continue to make advances in materials, especially for hard-shell cases. Customers want bags that are light and durable, but also extremely easy to manoeuvre. If you have complaints about your current bag’s manoeuvrability, you will find the latest innovations in handles and wheels to your liking.

Best luggage brands 2014 like Eagle Creek, High Sierra, and Ricardo make luggage to meet the exacting standards of business travellers as well as vacationers. One of the things you should look for in best luggage brands 2014 is the best in hard cases. These bags are made of the latest materials that are strong, durable, and surprisingly light-weight. Bright colors, designs, and grooves distinguish these pieces from pieces from yesteryear. Advances in handles – attached and telescoping – make for better feel and ergonomics. Spinning wheels allow your bags to flow right along with you as you get to your gate.

Packing is a breeze with the best luggage brands 2014 and their bags. Soft-sided luggage is expandable and stronger than ever. If you want roominess, specialized compartments, and convenient features like adjustable straps or water-resistance, you will be able to find them. Whether you go with a carry-on, or something bigger, look for TSA-approved locks. Because only you and TSA agents are the only ones who can open them, you won’t have to worry about theft or loss.


Take a closer look at our picks for the three of the best luggage brands 2014:

1. Eagle Creek Luggage Gateway

Eagle Creek Travel GatewayEagle Creek takes pride in the fact that their company’s driving force is travellers who design for other travellers and that is why it is one of the best luggage brands 2014. Known for rugged, multi-purpose gear, this company offers affordable luggage that ensures quality. Using the latest in lightweight materials and engineered wheels, Eagle Creek pieces like the Gateway 22” Upright are practical and attractive.

This soft-sided carry-on meets all the airline specifications, and will meet your high expectations. The four wheels make running through the airport or the train station a breeze. The telescoping handle is tall enough so you won’t have to stoop over. Outside, you’ll find pockets for your laptop or tablet, as well as for smaller items. The corners and bottom are reinforced, so even the roughest handling will not harm this bag or its contents.

Inside, the Gateway offers two compartments. One side zips completely closed, preventing your stuff from flying all over. In the larger section, Eagle Creek has developed a “wing” system – straps and fabric designed to be adjustable and keep things in place. Much more effective than the usual strap system, this feature is a welcome addition. This case expands and keeps everything safe inside.

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2. High Sierra Evolution

High Sierra EvolutionIf you are an adventure traveller, you probably already know about the best luggage brands 2014 called High Sierra. This company’s offerings give you the ultimate in functionality, portability, and design. Even if you’re just going to the folks’ house for the holidays, you’ll love these bags for their roominess and style. Innovations in materials and design have made High Sierra a top brand for over 20 years, and the High Sierra 28” Rolling Duffel is one of the company’s best.

You’ll see more and more travellers opting for the rolling duffel because of its versatility, and this one is a great choice. Despite its size, it weighs only 7.5 pounds. That’s important if you need to pack a bunch of gear, or maybe a bunch of gifts for the family. It comes in attractive colors, and the Duralite fabric will last for years and journeys to come. The corners are protected and the handles are super-comfortable. Wheeling along is no problem, thanks to the telescoping handle and sturdy wheels. An added feature is the compression straps, which allow you to make the stuff inside even safer.

The real value of this bag, though, is the way it’s designed with your trips in mind. There is a drop bottom, in which you can put your shoes or boots, separate from the rest. The main compartment is u-shaped, great for packing and unpacking with ease. You can keep it large or divide it into two sections with a zippered panel. There are also two top-loading compartments on each end and another smaller pocket on the exterior. With room for all your valuable possessions, this rugged rolling duffel is an excellent choice for 2014.

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3. Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Roxbury

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage RoxburyFor 40 years, Ricardo of Beverly Hills has been making top-quality luggage with style and durability. To be the part of best buggage brands 2014, the company offers its latest hard shells, the Roxbury collection. Always the best in design and innovation, Ricardo meets the needs of today’s traveller without giving up style and affordability. Smart travellers look to this trusted brand for great value. The 25” Expandable Roxbury Upright is right for even the pickiest of travellers.

This hard shell case is beautiful and distinctive. The dual layers of polycarbonate make for a sleek, shiny case. The grooves in the design add not only good looks, but strength. Corner guards add to the durability, and the handles are reinforced.

This bag will not collapse or crack, regardless of rough handling. The telescoping arm and four sets of wheels allow you to push or pull this bag with ease.

Because of its book-style opening, you have plenty of room inside to pack all your essentials. A new innovation is the “On Hangers” feature. You can literally take your clothes from your closet, secure them on hangers in this bag, then unpack them to hang up at your destination. What a dream! Zippered compartments and places for your shoes help you organize and keep everything in place. You will love this piece of luggage wherever you travel, and for many years.

You want the best the travel world has to offer, and that are best luggage brands 2014, you’ll find the latest innovations and designs. Without breaking the bank, you can get the luggage you need and want. There’s no telling where you’ll go.

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