Best Luggage for European Travel

If you think packing is a nightmare, what would you think if you had to pack for an extended trip to Europe? If you really have to do that, it would be best to read the rest of the article before you start panicking, because our review of the best luggage for Europe might come in handy. The most important thing when it comes to packing is remaining compact. Most people believe that, in order to do that, they have to sacrifice comfort. We say that that is not necessarily true, at least not anymore. Nowadays choosing the right piece of luggage can save you a lot of trouble, and we plan to show you how it’s done by reviewing two great products that will both prove to be life-savers if you take them with you to Europe.

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Duffel Bag

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Duffel Bag

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When going on a trip, you basically have two options – you can choose to bring a backpack or a wheeled suitcase. Since wheeled ones are often impractical for extended vacations, we have chosen to review a backpack. The Osprey Porter duffel bag will prove to be the best luggage for European travel because it is highly durable, easy to carry and quite spacious, especially considering its weight. This is not an ordinary backpack. It has straps that can be tucked away when you want it to look classier, which makes it the perfect choice for an extended trip. One of its best features are the structured walls that make it easier to pack and keep organized. It also has a front-loading panel. The Osprey Porter will provide you with plenty of room to pack, specifically 46 liters of storage space. Apart from being highly functional, it is also quite stylish, which makes it the best luggage for Europe.

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Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage 60-Liter

Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage 60-Liter

What might be an even better choice for taking to Europe is a bag that is at the same time a backpack and a wheeled suitcase. Yes, that exists, and it could be the best luggage for Europe that is currently available on the market. The Osprey wheeled luggage offers 60 liters of storage space and a pair of wheels to make handling the weight much easier. Weighing less than 3.5kgs, the bag is lighter than most backpacks, even with the wheels and the handle. The wheels are amazingly sturdy, capable of handling some seriously rough terrain. If you want to wheel the bag around, the only thing you need to do is pull out the retractable handle, place it in an upright position and start moving. When you are in a situation that would be made easier if you only had a backpack, simply unzip the back panel and pull out the comfortable shoulder straps. Apart from being a really handy combination of wheeled luggage and backpack, the Osprey is also well-organized. It provides you with plenty of pockets, and it even has one that is just perfect for storing toiletriesbecause it is very well isolated from the rest of the bag. All in all, there are plenty of reasons to call this one the very best luggage for European travel.

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