Best Luggage for Frequent Travellers

Most people only travel a couple of times of year, which is not nearly enough for developing the habits of the more frequent travellers. When you are on the road every week or two, your priorities start to change. You stop caring about the things that used to be important, such as the snacks on the plane or the interesting things you can do in the airport. Certain other things, however, become very important. You find yourself caring about the comfort of chairs, and the length of the trip, as well as all the time you have to waste while waiting in the airport, but maybe the most important thing of them all are the bags. You are no longer willing to compromise on the quality of your luggage. After all, when you are a frequent traveller, your bags start serving the purpose of a second home. This is why we are going to discuss the best luggage for frequent travellers, in hope that our reviews help you come to an informed decision before deciding which bag to buy.

Briggs &Riley Baseline Expandable Duffle

Briggs &Riley Baseline Expandable Duffle

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The Briggs & Riley duffle has many great features that make it the best luggage for frequent travellers. The first is, of course, the quality of the material used in production, which will make the bag last for years without suffering any serious damage. The second great thing about it is the spaciousness. The main compartment is quite large, providing you with more than enough space to pack for an extended weekend getaway. It also features two expandable side pockets that will allow you to squeeze something in at the last moment. The Briggs & Riley duffle is highly functional. Apart from the main compartment, it is equipped with a gusseted front pocket that you can use to store your toiletries. It comes with two slip pockets and a key fob. The ID card slot is both discreet and easily accessible. The bag also features additional zippered mesh pocket, as well as two elastic ones. Apart from being durable, spacious and functional, the bag is also very easy to handle, even when fully loaded. This can be thanked to the fact that is has a U-zip opening that allows you to access your things without unzipping the bag completely. To make it the very best luggage for frequent travellers, the manufacturer has added a magnetic handle wrap and a removable shoulder strap that is equipped with a non-slip pad.

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Briggs & Riley Explore Commuter Expandable Upright

Briggs & Riley Explore Commuter Expandable Upright

The second best luggage for frequent travellers is, as you can see, also a Briggs & Riley bag. This time we are talking about an expandable upright suitcase. What makes it so great are its durability and functionality. Much like the previous bag, the suitcase is made from the top quality materials. It is equipped with an Outsider handle that provides you with an increased packing space without affecting the weight of the case. The bag also features a Speed Thru pocket that allows you to store your items quickly and efficiently. The vertical pocket that you can find on the front makes the items stored inside very easily accessible.

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