Best Luggage For International Travel

Congratulations! You are embarking on international trip! Before you embark make sure your bag is up to the task. Have you checked those size and weight restrictions? They may be different for your international flight then the domestic ones. Will you carry on or check your bag? There are advantages and disadvantages. Most often the same bag won’t work for both tasks. A carry-on bag will need to be smaller and meet a stricter height and weight restriction. Deciding to check that bag, then you don’t want to be charged oversized baggage fees or a bag that isn’t resilient. Nothing could set a more negative beginning or end to your trip then to get to the baggage carousel to find your broken bag and strewn belongings. Not a way to start the trip!

When looking for that perfect bag for your international trip pay attention to the obvious things like height and weight, but also think about how the bag will make your journey easier or harder. Will it make through crowded tight terminals? If you have to walk a long distance, will it be light enough and maneuver for you to do so easily? Will you be able to find your bag in that carousel at the end of a long flight now that you are in a completely different time zone? Also this bag needs to be durable and reliable to stand up the rigors of international travel. Before you leave make sure your bag is up to the task.


Genius Pack 22″ Carry On + Portable Mobile Charger

Genius Pack 22 Carry On

If you want to avoid checking a bag, then take a look at this Genisus Pack 22” Carry On + Portable Mobile Charger. This bag makes packing a breeze so you can focus on what is most important – the trip itself! Even expanded it is 22” meeting those size requirements for carry-on luggage. It has a laundry chute that then compresses your dirty clothes so they stay completely separate from your clean ones and gives you room to pack all those things you picked up along the way. It has separate removable compartments for things like socks, chargers, and your toiletries – making getting through those security lines much easier! It also includes a small portable speaker – you are not just stuck with your headphones while relaxing in your hotel room.

Do you need to make sure you can charge your phone while you are traveling? The Portable Mobile Charger accessory makes it possible for you to charge your phone right in the bag itself. No more looking for that elusive outlet or the right outlet adapter. It has a clever jacket wrap that allows you to secure a jacket right to the bag without fear of dropping it along the way. Also ingenious, is it comes with its own umbrella that fits right into the bag. You will move easily and smoothly through the terminal, maneuvering tight corners and narrow airplane aisles with ease!

For that short international trip this bag is truly genius. Genius Pack 22” Carry On + Portable Charger truly has everything to make your travel easier and more enjoyable!

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Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 22-inch Expandable

This travel collection is a favorite of flight crews and the frequent traveler! It lives up to its Maxlite name with the heaviest of their bags coming in at just under ten pounds. It will give you the ability to bring and bring home all that you want. This collection offers a wide range of sizes and styles such as duffel bags, garment bags, carry-ons and larger bags. These soft-sided bags are made of strong, durable polyester fabric with a honeycomb frame that helps keep the bag light but still strong.

Their bags are expandable so you can pack it without expansion when leaving home knowing you will have space for those souvenirs you pick up oversees. This bag will hold everything you could want or need for your trip. With ergonomic, durable zippers you won’t be struggling to open and close your bag leaving you more time to enjoy the trip. The handle adjusts to two different heights making maneuvering the bag a breeze.

The variety of options for carry-on, garment bag and backpack means you can find the bag to meet the needs of the trip you are embarking on whether short or long, business or pleasure. All but their smallest bags come with wheels making transporting your bag through long airport terminals or long walks to reach your ground transportation easy and fast.

This collection offers you plenty of options in lightweight durable bags that will get you wherever you need or want to go!

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Briggs & Riley BRX

Briggs & Riley BRX

Briggs & Riley BRX is for the rugged adventures traveler.  This luggage is designed to be tough and durable not just for being tossed around in a baggage carousel but in the great outdoors while you explore your favorite recreational activity. The material of this bag lightweight durable nylon that is also water resistant.

The look of these bags is for the outdoor enthusiast with lovely earth tones and every bag has that backpacking style to it. Inside there are convenient compartments and pockets to hold all that you need and keep things in separated. The pockets on the outside allow for easy access to things like travel documents, your phone and camera. The compression feature makes it a breeze to pack all the clothes you will need for your trip without needing a larger bag.

These bags can be hooked together to allow you to easily carry multiple pieces and make it through airports. Many of the bags have multiple handles allowing for a variety of ways of carrying and loading and unloading.

This collection pays attention to the needs of the traveler who needs a bag that is durable and can withstand the harshness of both indoor and outdoor environments. Briggs & Riley gives a lifetime warranty and they are noted for the excellent customer service. If you were to have a problem you can be assured that they will get it fixed promptly.

Take this bag on your next oversees adventure and you won’t be disappointed!

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