Best Luggage For The Money

For those of us who are regular commuters, forced to travel day and night, luggage plays an important role in the everyday life. It is a necessity the purpose of which is to safeguard our clothes, electronics and other accessories to the best of its ability. It is said that a good suitcase is a traveller’s best friend. Since it is often pulled, pushed, dragged, squeezed and subjected to the whims of its owner, durability of a suitcase is one of its key qualities. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing that should be taken into consideration when looking for the perfect bag. On the other hand, they are all summed up in the following list that focuses on the features that make a bag the best luggage for the money.

American Tourister iLiteXtreme Spinner

American TouristeriLiteXtreme Spinner

The American Tourister bag offers high quality, especially when you consider its price. With a fully lined interior and large storagespace that expands for added packing capacity, it is a real catch for the regular traveller. The handles and the interior match the color of the case. It comes in three standard sizes: 21 inches, 25 inches and 29 inches, as well as eight different shades, so there is no need to hold back – with this bag you can finally show your true colors. The integrated and corrugated top and side handles add to the charm of the suitcase, while at the same time making it easy for a person to carry the bag, even when it is fully packed. It also comes with two large front panel pockets for all that extra last minute stuff you can’t bear leaving behind. It is lightweight,which means there will be no extra chugging required to handle the suitcase. The sturdy material protects your possessions to the best of its capability. The four multi-directional spinner wheels with reinforced wheel housings provide excellent maneuverability.

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Olympia Luggage Luxe Expandable Carry-On Upright Bag

Olympia Luggage Luxe Expandable Carry-On Upright Bag

Another candidate for the best luggage for the money is the Olympia carry-on. With a fully lined interior that protects your clothes and other possessions, this one is designed to satisfy the needs of those unwilling to compromise when it comes to style. It comes in five different colors and a standard 21-inch size, which makes it a perfect match for many occasions and styles.The front panel is lined with EVA foam that protects the contentsfrom any external impact. The fabric color matches the details, and there are many zipper pockets that you can use to store your things.The inside mesh is well organized, and the case is designed to provide protection against high impacts.The Olympia carry-onalso comes with a 10-year warranty, which makes it the perfect choice for you if you don’t want a bag that needs to be treated gently.

If you are looking for the best luggage for the money, you should take these two suitcases into consideration. They will provide you with the best quality for a very low price.

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