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This is the year you are going to do some real traveling, and you need to get a best luggage for travel. Or, perhaps a friend or relative is going on a trip and you are going to buy a good bag as a surprise. When you start shopping, you are overwhelmed because there are way too many choices. Hard cases, soft sides, four wheels, two wheels, duffel style, backpack, goodness!! Then, there’s stating within your budget. How can you make sense of all of this?

First things first, and that’s price point. You do not have to spend a fortune on best luggage for travel to get good quality. If you can afford luxury, then go for it. There are plenty of high-end brands that offer the latest technologies, super style and status. If you need to keep it real, there are other lines that offer superior quality at more affordable prices. Determine what you can or want to spend.

Next, you’ll need to consider the type of traveling you are going to do most. For example, if the travel is mostly for business, you’ll want to invest in a good, sturdy carry-on bag that meets airline requirements for overhead bins. You’ll want something that’s light and can maneuver through the airport of train station with ease. Loook for features such as ergonomic handles as well, so you can easily lift that bag from your trunk or the shuttle shelf.

If your travel is going to consist of trips that last more than a couple of days, consider a mid-size or, for longer trips, a full-size suitcase, there is best luggage for travel for every occasion. These will have to have more room inside for packing, and should also have toughness because they will go through the baggage carriers and carousels. Look for ease of handling and for TSA approved locks. Whether you want a hard case or a soft side, you want a bag that weighs less than ten pounds.


Finally, think about the conveniences you’d like or need in a bag. Do you want expandability? Pockets on the outside and inside? What about protection for you things – will you be carrying mostly clothes, or will you have cosmetic items and the like? There is best luggage for travel available for every need. Here are some great bags:

Antler Cyberlite Medium Suitcase

Antler Cyberlite Medium Suitcase

For nearly 100 years, Antler has been producing best luggage for travel in Great Britain. This company is committed to listening to their customers’ need and meeting those needs through technology and design. Antler stakes its reputation on each and every bag it sells, and is passionate about them all. Great design and a stylish approach make Antler bags an excellent investment. One of the most popular lines is the Cyberlite.

The Antler Cyberlite medium-sized bag is about 28” and weighs under 8 pounds, making it a perfect all-around travel size. This soft-sided bag is made of super-tough nylon, and is fully expandable. So, if you need to pack a few extra goodies you’ve picked up along the trip, you’ll have room for it all. There are two zippered outside pockets, great for things you’ll want in easy access.

The technology of this best luggage for travel comes in its lightweight yet durable frame and its patented Hinomoto wheels. The four sets of wheels spin in all directions, allowing for this bag to float alongside you. The locking extension handle and TSA-approved locks are other signs of higher quality. The whole thing is guaranteed; Antler wants you to be totally satisfied with this bags performance.

Inside, you’ll find a roomy compartment with plenty of room for your things, and a zippered compartment under the lid. A cool plus with Antler is that the company offers for purchase a set of “packing tidies” – mesh squares that lift out of your bag for perfect packing and organization. Keep you things separate from your spouse’s! This is a perfect bag for longer trips and will last you for years and tears.

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Samsonite Fiero 20” Spinner

Samsonite Fiero 20” Spinner

The Samsonite brand is among best luggage for travel with which you are familiar. It has been around for decades, so you know the company is reliable. Even though it is established itself in the marketplace, Samsonite continues to innovate and meet the needs of the pickiest travelers. For those of you in need of a good carry-on bage at an affordable price, you should consider the Samsonite Fiero 20” Spinner.

The Fiero line is available in several attractive colors. A hard-sided bag, the shell is made of polycarbonate – the choice for strength while being lightweight. The diamond pattern gives this bag a stunning, shimmery finish – a real eye-catcher. Because you’ll need to push, pull, and otherwise maneuver this bag through the airport, you’ll love the four smooth-spinning wheels. And, it weighs just over 7 pounds, so you won’t strain yourself when you have to lift it to the overhead bin.

The inside of this best luggage for travel has enough room for your short trip, and you will be able to keep it all in place and organized with the straps and pockets. This is a well-made, durable, and stylish bag – absolutely a top choice for the frequent business traveler.

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American Tourister Ilite Supreme Spinner

American Tourister Ilite Supreme Spinner

Another iconic brand of best luggage for travel is American Tourister. You will find the value you are looking for in the bags from this company, and you will find that they meet all of your needs, too. For lightweight strength and functionality, look to the Ilite line.

A super choice is the full-sized American Tourister Ilite Supreme Spinner 29” Spinner Upright. This soft-sided bag is made of deep-woven polyester that will not tear, even if you are really rough on it. It’s another expandable bag, and you can count on the zippers to work smoothly and stay strong. No danger of broken pulls or splitting seams here. The extension arm and four spinning wheels work to make this best luggage for travel easy to handle – whether you are going through the hotel lobby, scooting along the sidewalk, or running to meet the train. There are convenient outside pockets and a TSA lock as well.

Inside, you’ll find room enough for all of your essentials and then some. The lid has a zippered mesh compartment, and the other side is super-deep. Keep your things in place with the stretchy straps, and everything will be where you want it to be upon your arrival. This bag is the best choice if you’ll be going on extended trips and may have to change hotels mid-way – it’s big but not bulky, strong but not heavy, and it will last and last!

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