Best Luggage For Women

Picking out the best suitcase can be a challenging task, regardless of your needs. Whether you are someone who travels only once or twice a year, or a businessman who flies every other week, luggage will play an important role in the way you end up perceiving your trip. Since the preferences of men and women are not always the same, luggage manufacturers have made up designs to satisfy both their needs. The best luggage for women is not only highly durable and spacious, it is also stylish and equipped with many internal pockets. Here are two cases that meet the mentioned quality and functionality standards.

Rockland Polycarbonate 20-inch Carry On

Rockland Polycarbonate 20-inch Carry On

This carry-on is made from extremely durable ABS material. The major benefits of using it in production of suitcases are the fact that it is extremely lightweight and highly durable. Being available in eight different colors makes it deserving of the best women’s luggage title. The case weighs only 6 pounds, which allows for much easier handling and saving on luggage fees that are quite high regardless of the airline you choose to fly with. It is also available in three different sizes. The 360 degree multi directional spinner wheels and aluminum telescopic handle ensure a much easiermaneuverability. The interior zip and mesh pocket provide space for all your small items and accessories, which can also be neatly arranged and organized. The Rockland carry-on comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty which will make you stop worrying about the way you need to treat your luggage to make it last longer. These are the features that make the Rockland carry-on one of the top candidates for the list of the best luggage for women.

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Lipault 19 Inch Weekend Tote

Lipault 19 Inch Weekend Tote

If you are trying to maximize storage space and keep the weight down, then look no further.The Lipault baghas large capacity, while at the same time being very light and easy to handle. You will be able to carry it through the airport and lift it into the overhead bin without putting too much strain on yourself. Plus, it’s a lot easier to find space for this than for a hard-shell bag on a full flight. Made of 100% nylon, this bag is both sturdy and lightweight, weighing only around 3 pounds. The inside is lined with nylon as well, and there are a lot of zip pockets, two on the outside and one on the inside. It comes in a standard 19-inch size. It is equipped with a 27-inch shoulder strap that can be adjusted to suit you. One of the best features of the Lipault bag is the fact that it comes in eleven different shades that are all just lovely. They will allow you to choose the perfect case that will match bothyour personality and the rest of your accessories. These were the reasons why we have chosen the Lipault bag for the list of the best luggage for women.

The best women’s luggage is at the same time functional and stylish. This is why it can be so hard to find, but now that you’ve read about these two cases, you can finally stop looking.

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