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Making the best out of your trip requires a quality piece of luggage. This is because even the most leisurely vacations can be ruined by problems with transportation and packing. When you imagine having a great time, you never picture yourself struggling with suitcases that are hard to pull or shoulder straps that make your shoulders sore. For all these reasons, choosing the right luggage should be on the top of your list. One quality suitcase is enough for most occasions, but if you are getting ready to embark on a longer trip, you might start thinking about investing in a set. Here are a couple of the best luggage setsreviewsthat should help you come to a decision.

Samsonite Five Piece Nested Luggage Set

Samsonite Five Piece Nested Luggage Set

This Samsonite five-piece travel set is a compact travel kit that will take care of all your belongings. The set includes five bags of different functions: a boarding tote, a 22-inch wheeled carry-on, a duffel bag, a 26-inch wheel packing case and a toiletry bag. When travelling with your things packed into these five useful cases, you can put all your worries about micromanaging your possessions behind. If you are one of those who simply cannot decide what to leave behind, this set is the right choice for you. Made from100% polyester and equipped with inline skate wheels, it will provide you with high maneuverability. The front panel is lined with EVA foam to protect the contents from every possible damage and impact that the cases might be subjected to. The handlesfeature push buttons, and there are grips on the bottom that make it easier for you to handle the bags. The interiors are fully lined and the finish is quite good, so you don’t have to worry about all those unfurled edges. Perfect for carrying your home with you, the Samsonite suitcasesalso come with a 10-year warranty, which is one of the main reasons why we have included it into the best luggage setsreviews.

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Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece ABS Luggage Set

Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece ABS Luggage Set

The Rockland luggage set is made from extremely durable ABS material. The main upsides of using this material are the fact that it is remarkably lightweight and highly durable. The set consists of three standard sized upright suitcases: 20-inch, 24-inch and a 28-inch one. Its multi-directional spinner wheels allow you to rotate the suitcase up to 360 degrees, providing a high maneuverability that makes handling simpler. When combined, the whole set weighs only 24pounds, which can save a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on luggage fees. The inside zip pockets allowyou to organize your belongings in a way that is most suitable to you. The handle is made of aluminum, whichgives it a premium feel. All in all, this set of suitcases is great for all those who are into functionality and style.

The aforementioned are the best luggage setsreviews that should help you come to a decision. By choosing one of them to accompany you on your next journey, you will make the best decision for yourself.

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