Boyt Luggage Reviews

If you are looking for a new piece of luggage, and simply don’t know where to start, try Boyt. Boyt is a luggage brand with over a hundred years of experience in manufacturing suitcases, bags and duffels. It is well-known for offering high quality products with a reasonable price tag. Their luggage meets all the quality standards and lasts for years, which makes it perfect for you if you want to avoid having to buy new bags every two or three years. Read the rest of the Boyt luggage reviews to find out more about the manufacturer.

There are multiple reasons for choosing Boyt over some other luggage brand. Apart from providing you with durability, the brand offers lightweight products as well. The advanced technology and only the best materials that are used in the making of Boyt luggage are most responsible for the end product being of the highest quality.

Not only does Boyt produce quality travel gear, their products have been reviewed as luxurious. The main contributor to this fact is the superior craftsmanship, but part of the credit needs to go to insisting on innovation that makes every travelling experience better and more unique.

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From Boyt luggage reviews we can deduce that the brand’s key features are reliability, functionality, lightness and simply gorgeous design. But there is one other thing that needs to be mentioned when talking about these products, and that is luggage warranty. Apart from being of the highest quality, some Boyt products come with what is called “The Best Luggage Warranty”. It is a lifetime warranty that covers every functional part of your new luggage, which will certainly make you feel more at ease while pushing and pulling it around.

The brand has produced several top notch suitcases that have even been awarded with different prizes for quality. The most popular ones are the Mach 6 and the Edge lines, which are both covered by the abovementioned lifetime warranty.

In order to provide you with the best Boyt luggage reviews, we have selected two of their products to discuss some of their key features.

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Boyt Sport Spinner Suitcase

This bag is made from CORDURA fabric that features hypaulin trim. It is one of the finest materials used for this kind of luggage. The suitcase is equipped with a four-wheel EZ Drive System that will make handling it a lot easier for you. It also features a self-locking handle, as well as comfort-grip neoprene handles you can use for carrying the suitcase. The front panel is equipped with a pocket, the contents of which are easily accessible, and the interior has straps that will allow you to fix your belongings in place.

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Boyt Luggage 21-inch Cabin Duffel

What made us include this cabin duffel in the Boyt luggage reviews? Firstly, it is made of highly durable 100% nylon, which will make it last through almost anything. The second reason would be the well-organized interior of the bag. Apart from having six pockets on the exterior, it also has three zip pockets and three slip ones on the inside. The bag comes with the best luggage warranty.

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