Bric Luggage Review

When looking for the best possible luggage, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. This is why there are so many luggage reviews online. If there weren’t, you would probably experience so much more trouble with finding the perfect suitcase for your vacation or business trip. When researching their luggage options, most people start by inquiring about the best luggage brands, which is a great approach, since it provides you with all the information you need. In this article we will try to help you choose the right bag by reviewing a very popular and reliable brand – Bric’s. To find out more about what it has to offer, simply read the rest of the Bric luggage review.

Bric’s is one of the best-selling luggage brands for a reason. Their offer includes only products of the highest quality, durable and functional. They boast of using only the finest materials in the making of luggage, and it is not a lie. They indeed provide their customers with bags that can endure the roughest handling without any visible damage. Apart from this, the bags are also very spacious and lightweight. The combination that seems almost impossible to achieve is a key feature of all the Bric products.

To provide our readers with the best Bric luggage review, we will have to take a closer look at some of their products. These are the two that we have chosen to be a part of the review.

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Bric’s 21-inch Carry On Spinner Suitcase

Bric’s 21-inch Carry On Spinner Suitcase

The spinner suitcase is made from a highly durable combination of PVC and nylon that doesn’t have any negative effect on its weight. With only 5.5 pounds, this product is considered to be extremely lightweight, which allows you to handle it without much effort. The spinner wheels make it extremely reliable and stable. It can run smoothly even on the roughest of city terrains. The suitcase is also equipped with very reliable zippers, and three convenient handles. Apart from the telescopic one, it features top and side leather handles for carrying. The interior of the suitcase provides enough space to store a whole batch of clothes and accessories. Apart from having one very large pocket that you can use for storing shoes and other larger items, the bag is also equipped with two very convenient interior pockets.

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Bric’s Bellagio 27-inch Spinner Trunk

Bric’s Bellagio 27-inch Spinner Trunk

The reasons why we chose this spinner trunk for the Bric luggage review are multiple. It features a classic design that makes the perfect choice for many different occasions and personalities, but not everything is in the looks. This bag is also highly functional and durable. The durability can be thanked to the water-resistant zippers, and the hard sided case that is both tough and flexible, as well as the perfectly designed double rubber wheels. The interior is equipped with zippered double deck compartments, and a garment ring that will help you keep your clothes in order. Apart from all this, the bag also features a business card pocket and a TSA approved lock.

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