Calpak Luggage Reviews

You would like to get rid of your old suitcase, but not before you get a new one? If, like most other people, you too are a bit terrified at the thought of having to choose something that would have to last for a long time, read our CalPak luggage reviews. It might help you decide which kind of bag you need, and to become aware of the key features that you will have to look for in a piece of luggage.

California Pak, popularly called CalPak,is a beloved luggage brand of many students, businessmen, and nature lovers, as well as the fashionable ones among us. The fact that so many different people find CalPak luggage the best possible choice is enough to be sure that we are talking about a quality brand. To find out what makes it so great, read the rest of the CalPak luggage reviews.

CalPak products include backpacks, duffel bags, shoulder bags, and rolling backpacks, as well as the more traditional suitcases. Every of the previously mentioned products is of the highest quality, making people all over the world happy that they have chosen it over some other brand.

To further illustrate the benefits of owning something of the sort, our CalPak luggage reviews will include a detailed description of two of their products.

CalPak Valley 20-inch Carry-on Spinner Suitcase

This spinner suitcase is both lightweight and spacious, which is one of the key benefits of having CalPak luggage. It provides the traveler with enough space for a weekend trip, and makes his life easier all the while. The hard shell body of the suitcase is made from a remarkably lightweight material called ABS composite, the purpose of which is to make it tough, without making it heavier as well. The interior is lined with fully imprinted lining that features a dual tie-belt system. To provide you with more storage space, the suitcase can also be expanded, which will prove to be very useful to those who tend to buy a lot of souvenirs. If you are looking for a suitcase that will last for a really long time, the CalPak carry-on is the right bag for you. With built-in side protection parts, and self-repairing excel zippers, as well as highly durable spinner wheels, it will prove to be a tough travelling companion, regardless of your habits and ways of treating luggage.

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CalPak Torino 20-inch Carry-on Suitcase

CalPak Torrino

The CalPak Torino carry-on is another suitcase that deserves to be included in the CalPak luggage reviews. The body of the suitcase is extremely tough, but also very lightweight, a feature that you will learn to appreciate in a matter of seconds. Its main compartment is quite spacious, providing you with accessory pockets, a full divider, and an adjustable tie belt. To increase the storage capacity, the only thing you need to do is to unzip the expandable part. The suitcase features a self-locking handle system equipped with a push button, as well as self-repairing excel zippers.

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