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Are you looking for a suitcase that is both inexpensive and spacious? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. We know how hard it is to travel without the right luggage. It will cost you your time, and probably even make you frustrated before your vacation even started. But we all know that the right suitcase, the one that can accommodate enough clothes without getting awfully heavy, is usually the one with the highest price, right? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Although we cannot suggest cheap large suitcases that will also look and feel luxurious, we can help you by reviewing some great options from the lower price range. The following suitcases have been reviewed as the best choices for budget travellers.

Olympia 33-inch Rolling Duffel Bag

Olympia 33-inch Rolling Duffel Bag
The Olympia rolling duffel is 33 inches high, spacious, durable and quite inexpensive. These are all reasons why we have decided to include it in the list of cheap large suitcases, since our goal wasn’t to look for a bag that meets only the price requirements, but to find those that meet quality standards as well. The material that was used to produce this bag is called “protectflon”, highly durable polyester that makes it last so long. Other factors that contribute to the bag’s durability are the self-repairing zippers and the durable wheels. They are in-line skate wheels that feature recessed metal ball bearings to provide you with reliability and the smoothest possible ride. The interior of the Olympia rolling duffel bag is very spacious. It features eight very convenient pockets that allow you to organize your clothes and accessories in a way that is most suitable. The bag is equipped with a U-shaped top opening that you can use to access the main inner compartment without unzipping the rest of the case. Another feature that will make your life much easier is the retractable handle that enables you to transform the duffel into a rolling suitcase, which will prove to be very useful on many occasions, especially in the airports and waiting lines.

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IT Luggage World’s Lightest31-inch Upright Suitcase

IT Luggage World’s Lightest31-inch Upright Suitcase
The IT upright suitcase deserves to be mentioned in the cheap large suitcases list because it is both spacious and inexpensive. Apart from this, it is also highly durable and offers a reliable performance that will stay the same for many years to come. The frame that is made from high-density polyester and fiberglass is built for providing the optimal strength without affecting the lightness of the case. Regarding storage space, the suitcase features two large zipper pockets on the front that you can use to store items that you might need during check-in. As for maneuverability, the corner mounted wheels will provide you with a really smooth ride. The trolley system features a friction locking handle that is constructed from a single piece of aluminum, making the whole suitcase remarkably stable and reliable. This is indeed a suitcase that can endure even the roughest handling.

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