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To anyone who is into style or high functionality, luggage means more than travelling equipment. Like clothes, shoes and accessories, bags are also a part of your image, and through them you can express yourself in a way that suits you best. People who look for more than quality and spaciousness know how difficult it is to find the right piece of luggage. If you want a bag that has more than the ordinary functions, you must prepare yourself for a process that requires a certain level of commitment. Let’s face it, style and functionality often come with a very high price, which means that you have to be extra careful when picking out your bag for the next season. To help you find the ones that will match your both your personality and sense of style, we had to do some research. The following are the cool suitcases that we managed to find.

Powerbag Wheeled Brief Case with Battery for Charging Electronic Devices

Powerbag Wheeled Brief Case with Battery for Charging Electronic Devices

This is an incredible piece of luggage that won’t fail to amaze anyone who is into functionality. The suitcase is equipped with a removable on-board battery that can charge your average smartphone four times in a row. This is all thanks to the PowerVine System that delivers a 6000mAh charge anywhere it is needed. The battery itself can be easily charged with the help of a standard AC adaptor. Apart from this amazing feature, the Powerbag is equipped with lots of convenient pockets with mini and micro USB ports that you can use to charge many portable devices. It also features padded pockets safely storing all your electronic devices. As you can see, there are many reasons for including the Powerbag in the list of cool suitcases.

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Jonathan Adler Happy Chic 29-inch Wheeled Luggage

Jonathan Adler Happy Chic 29-inch Wheeled Luggage

This lovely suitcase is a dream come true for all those who wish their luggage to be as fashionable as the rest of their accessories. Apart from featuring a stunning design, it is also highly durable, mostly thanks to the firm ABS construction, as well as the 100% polycarbonate material. Durability is, however, not the only upside of having the Happy Chic suitcase. The bag is also remarkably lightweight and equipped with plenty of storage space. The clam shell opening hides two fully lined compartments that are both quite roomy. There is an interior divider that helps you organize your things better, and the suitcase is also equipped with interior webbing straps. You can use them to secure your belongings and prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled as well. All in all, the Happy Chic luggage makes the perfect candidate for the list of cool suitcases.

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Johnston & Murphy Carry On Duffle

Johnston & Murphy Carry On Duffle

This one is a very cool bag indeed. Thanks to the Scottish goat leather that has been processed to perfection, it looks and feels like luxury itself. It features a custom stripe lining, as well as hardware with an antique silver finish. The gorgeous design, durability and spaciousness are already more than you could ever ask.

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