Delsey Luggage Reviews

If you’ve traveled, you know what it’s like. The suitcase you packed carefully and lovingly gets tossed and dropped by careless baggage handlers during the trip, and that little figurine you bought for your mother is broken beyond repair. Then there’s that luggage you spent a fortune on that’s already splitting at the seams and will soon become unusable. Wheels don’t spin the way you want them to, zippers break, and your bags seem to look like they’ve been run over by a train.

Well, no more, intrepid traveler. Your luggage woes are over, and a bright path is opening up! Get acquainted with Delsey and its superior products through Delsey luggage reviews.


delsey logoBefore any Delsey luggage review, we will introduce you to the Delsey company. Born in Paris in 1946, Delsey is the brainchild of Emile Delhaye (the Del-) and the Seynhaeve brothers (the –sey). According to the company’s website, the original goal of the company was to make camera-carrying equipment. In 1970, Delsey moved into the luggage market, and has been making high-quality products ever since.

The company has been an industry-leading innovator, adding advancements like wheels, handle extensions, updated designs, and durable materials. In 1984, Delsey was the first to introduce the flexible frame case, the Helium line. Delsey holds the patent for the shape-memory fiberglas frame first introduced in 2008.

Nowadays, Delsey is prized for its superior quality; its sleek, functional design; and its lightweight, totally fab portability. These bags are lightweight, strong, and stylish! Seasoned travelers know not to waste their money on other brands. It’s Delsey or nothing.

All Delsey luggage comes with a ten-year guarantee, and is available at fine stores and through the company’s website.

There are hundreds of styles from which to choose. Here are three our favorites Delsey luggage reviews which are sure to make any trip perfect.


Delsey Helium Hyperlite Carry-On

Delsey Helium Sky The first Delsey luggage review is about one of the consumer favorites, the Hyperlite Carry-on. It is an expandable carry-on bag with dimensions of 20.5 x 14.5 x 9-11 inches. Business travelers find this bag perfecto, for it has been created just for them. The main reason is that its great design allows it to be compact and lightweight. Made of 98% polyester and 2% cotton, it weighs in at a little under 7 pounds. This makes it the perfect choice for those who travel often and don’t need a lot of space. Ultimate maneuverability comes from the spinning wheels and pull-out handle. The bag rolls quietly.

Outside, there are three compartments, convenient for flatter items (like your computer) and things you might want to retrieve (like your passport) during the flight or in the airport. You won’t have to worry about these zippers breaking or the seams tearing apart.

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The Delsey Helium Aero Carry-On

Delsey Helium AeroNext on our list of Delsey luggage reviews, the Aero comes in three sizes: 21” carry-on, 25″ and 29” full-sized suitcases. All are expandable up to 2 inches and made of super-shiny 100% polycarbonate. They are durable and built for ultimate capacity. Just as the other cases in the Helium line, the Aero has four-directional spinner wheels. Handles on the top and side help you or your driver pick up, roll, or stow your bag with ease. Also this has the new TSA lock so you can lock your luggage securely.

The Carry-on Weighs little under 7 pounds and offers plenty of space for all of your travel essentials. The downside is that with it’s hard shell, there is no external pocket to hold misc items such as receipts, passports or spare change. You will be able to scoot through the train station, trot down city streets, and waltz into your favorite hotel with ease with your Aero suitcase.

The inside is fully lined and created for the organized traveler. You’ll be able to pack your clothing and essential items on the way there. On the way home, you can expand your Aero a full 2 inches to accommodate the treasures you acquired on your trip. There are two large compartments, and a super-sized zippered pocket for those things that might get lost in the shuffle. Add the adjustable straps, and ta-da, everything fits!!

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The Delsey Helium Superlite

Delsey Helium SuperliteThe final wonderful bag in our Delsey luggage reviews is the Superlite. This dreamy model is available in two sizes, the 24” and the 29”, and both are super-light!! Made of durable Dura-Tec fabric, this bag is versatile, maneuverable, and “just right.” One look will assure you of its quality – the zippers are of finest quality, the handles are reinforces, and the wheels are super-spinners. The corners are reinforced as well, so those burly luggage guys can do their worst!

There are two deep compartments on the outside, and all have those great weather-tight zippers. You’ll be sure those papers are safe and sound, and your new shirt will stay protected and ready for your event. The trolley handle is extra-long, so you won’t be stooping to pull, push, or guide this suitcase through the airport or out to your taxi.

Inside, the whole thing is lined and there is plenty of room for all of your stuff. The deep compartment offers lots of room and adjustable straps to keep it all in place. The other side has pockets for things like your accessories and doo-dads. You can put everything for your trip in this bag.

What about all the stuff you pick up along the way? Where will it go? No worries — the Superlite allows you to expand your space by 2 inches. What’s really, really cool, too, is that this bag is equipped with an over-packed indicator. When you pack and the whole thing weighs more than the allowed 50 pounds, the little light by the top handle illuminates. You can probably put that stupid tee-shirt in another bag, or maybe your book bag!


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With all these Delsey luggage reviews it is hard to decide for one. When you are ready to be one of the elite travelers, even if your itinerary takes you to your in-laws or your kid’s parents day at college, you are ready to move up to Delsey.

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