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Imagine what traveling would feel like if you didn’t have to worry about your luggage all the time. Instead you would be able to enjoy yourself, or be productive, or even both. Who knows? Only sky would be your limit. Unfortunately, most people never consider investing in a good piece of luggage which we feel is a mistake. Although there are plenty of cheap options available, most of them can hardly compare to more expensive luggage brands. The sad truth is that quality often comes with a price tag that is enough to give you a headache, but there is an upside to this. When it comes to luggage, even the most expensive brands are not overpriced. You are, after all, buying something that will last for decades. This is why we have decided to change your mind by reviewing two brands that offer high quality for a matching price.

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Osprey Sojourn 28-inch Wheeled Luggage

Osprey Sojourn 28-inch Wheeled Luggage

This one is considered to be one of the best expensive luggage brands, which basically means that it will provide you with everything your heart desires. This particular product is a convertible wheeled case that features the StraightJacket compression system. It is a system that makes this piece of luggage extremely appropriate for spending time on the road. Its backpack suspension is much more refined than the one you can find on other similar products, which means that it is more comfortable to wear. You can quickly and easily adjust it to suit your torso length. The bag also features a mesh back panel that allows the fabric to breathe, making it easier to wear for a longer period of time. Apart from being remarkably tough and comfortable to wear, the Sojourn won’t fail to amaze you with its storage space. It is quite roomy, but also very well-organized. It features a great zip-away suspension, as well as foam sidewalls that will keep your belongings safe. The multiple mesh pockets, clothing straps and daisy chains that can be found on the front panel make it even more suitable for the type that likes having a place for everything.

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TumiTegra-Lite Extended Trip 33-inch Packing Case

TumiTegra-Lite Extended Trip 33-inch Packing Case

The Tumi case is the next item on our expensive luggage brands list. The brand’s Tegra-Lite collection certainly deserves to be mentioned, since it consists only of products of the highest quality. This particular packing case combines resistance to impacts with high functionality. The durability can be thanked to the innovative composite material that was developed by Milliken and used to produce lifesaving armor and NASCAR cars. Despite the toughness, the packing case remains lightweight. The interior consists of a removable garment sleeve, tie-down straps and multiple accessory pockets. This makes the case perfect for both vacations and business trips that require you to bring your formal clothes. Apart from being well-organized, the packing case is also very stable, especially thanks to X-Brace handle system that provides structural rigidity. Exterior bumpers and the bottom grab handle make it even safer to carry around.

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