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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you need high-quality luggage at an affordable price by good luggage brands. You do not want to settle for inferior brands or shoddy workmanship. The bags you choose need to have the latest features and technology. Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you will have to skimp on your luggage.

As you shop for your new luggage, what you should do is look for advancements in design and materials. As you may know, the days of heavy, bulky bags are way behind us. With the advancement of science, came a new age in luggage manufacturing. Nowadays, good luggage brands offer pieces that are both light and durable. You can demand the convenience of ergonomic features like wheels that work the way you want them to, a functioning extension arm, and well-placed handles. Most brands meet airline standards for size for carry-ons, so you can be assured no hassles if you invest in one of these bags.

Determining which quality pieces of luggage are right for you depends on your specific needs. Do you need lots of room to pack for extended trips? Will your bag be exposed to the elements or just to the dangers of luggage handlers? Will you need to retrieve things during your flight, or is security what you’re looking for? Whichever of these are your top priority, that is the type of bag you should seek. No matter what your need are, one of these highly-recommended, good luggage brands that will surely meet your specifications:


1. Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20” Upright Spinner

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20” Upright SpinnerYou have probably seen Rockland luggage in your favourite department stores because it is among good luggage brands. This subsidiary of Fox Luggage specializes in stylish bags with form and function. The Melbourne line catches your eye with its brightly-colored, shiny hard shells. There are several sizes from which to choose, but the most popular is the Melbourne 20” Upright Spinner Carry-on.

This stunning bag meets all airline requirements – so it will easily fit in the overhead bin. It weighs in at 6.5 pounds, despite its quality construction. Made of an industry standard, polycarbonate, the Melbourne 20” Upright will protect your belongings while maintain its beauty for years to come. Outside, you’ll find four sets of Rockland’s EZ-Roll wheels, which spin 360 degrees and allow you to push or pull the bag with ease. The retractable arm is sturdy and locks into place – whether open or closed.

Inside the roomy compartments, you’ll find a luxurious lining and plenty of space for all you need for your short trip. One side zips completely, separating it fully from the other side – you won’t have to worry about your stuff falling out. The other side has sturdy, adjustable straps to keep everything in place. You’ll love the convenience and style of this carry-on, and you’ll love the price!

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2. Olympia Luggage Tuscany 25” Expandable Vertical Rolling Case

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 25” Expandable Vertical Rolling CaseAn American good luggage brand at reasonable prices is Olympia. You can count on this company’s exacting standards to deliver the best possible bags for the money. Known for casual luggage, this company does not take its customers casually! Olympia luggage is strong and stylish, and will go the distance. One of the more popular lines is the Tuscany. This soft-sided line comes in several desirable sizes, but one of the best values is the Tuscany 25” Expandable Vertical Rolling Case.

You can tell immediately that this is one quality bag because it is from one of that good luggage brands. This bag mixes convenience with style, and it performs. The whole thing weighs a mere 9 pounds, leaving you plenty of wiggle room to pack all you need and still pass the scale test at the airport. It comes in a few colors, and both are made of durable, highly-protective polyester fabric. Outside, you’ll find two pockets on the front. One is roomy enough for your laptop, and the smaller one is good for your passport or other items you may need to retrieve quickly. There are four sets of spinning wheels, so you do not have to worry about it falling over. The locking extension handle is long enough and strong enough for you to guide this bag to your destination.

Inside the roomy compartment, you’ll find a place for everything. The lid side has shoe pockets and a zippered portion. There is a small, zippered section that is perfect for jewellery or other small items. The large space is roomy enough for all the essentials for trip lasting more than a weekend, and employs straps to keep it all in place. If you are looking for a versatile soft-sided bag that meets all of your needs, look no further than the Tuscany.

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3. American Tourister Luggage Ilite Supreme 29” Spinner Upright

American Tourister Luggage Ilite SupremeYou cannot go wrong when you choose something from American Tourister. Among good luggage brands this one has been producing quality luggage for decades, and continues today. If you want a bag with style and function, and one that will last longer than your vacation, this is the brand for you. The soft-sided Ilite line offers the latest in lightweight, durable luggage. The full-sized Ilite Supreme 29” Spinner Upright is the choice for your longer trips.

Because it is fully expandable, so you can pick up all the souvenirs for the trip home, and not have to leave some tee-shirts behind. It’s made f deeply-woven polyester, a super-strong fabric that will last for years and years. The four sets of spinning wheels and convenient expanding handle allow for superb manoeuvrability. Another exterior feature is the set of pockets. One is deep enough for a spare outfit, and you can slip a book or small tablet into the other one. Ergonomic handles on the top and sides allow you to pull this bag from your trunk or the baggage carousel.

Inside, the lid has a zippered compartment and two shoe pockets. The other side is deep and big enough for the clothes and other items you’ll need for your extended trip. Keep it all in place with the stretchy straps. You can fit it all in!! You will treasure those bags from good luggage brands and the memories it helps make on your travels.

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