Hard Sided Suitcases

Hard side suitcases can be pretty great, but just like with other types of luggage, it is difficult to find those that meet certain quality standards. This is why we have decided to try to help our readers by researching the best brands. Here are the results.

The brands that provide us with the best hard side suitcases are Briggs & Riley, Tumi and Travelers Choice. They all offer high quality products that are not only durable, but also lightweight. To further illustrate this, we will review three different products, each of which is produced by one of the above mentioned brands. When buying a suitcase, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Briggs & Riley TorqHard Shell Suitcase

Briggs & Riley TorqHard Shell Suitcase

This suitcase has been in the process of making for over three years, which says a lot about the manufacturers’ devotion to creating the perfect product. This Briggs & Riley bag is for many reasons deserving of being a part of the quality hard sided suitcases list. Especially when you take into consideration that we are talking about a hard-shell case, it has to be said that it is remarkably lightweight. Where other suitcases have an ordinary 50/50 opening, Briggs & Riley bag features an innovative 80/20 opening. This is important because it allows you to access your belongings in a matter of seconds and without having to zip-away the whole suitcase. The rubber-treaded wheels are extremely sturdy and ensure that the case runs smoothly at all times. They also rotate up to 360 degrees, which makes it easier for you to move around while pulling it.

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Travelers Choice Freedom 3-piece Lightweight Hard- Shell Spinning Rolling Luggage Set

Travelers Choice Freedom 3-piece Lightweight Hard- Shell Spinning Rolling Luggage Set

The best hard sided suitcases list would be incomplete if we forgot to mention this one, a classic and highly durable luggage set. It consists of three different suitcases which are all very roomy and equipped with enough pockets to help you keep your travel essentials in order. The interior is lined with protective fabric to ensure nothing happens to the contents while the suitcases are being dragged and tossed. They feature extra durable spinner wheels that run smoothly even when the bag is fully loaded. The material that was used to produce this luggage set is of top quality, which automatically makes the suitcases rugged too.

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TumiTegra-Lite Max Suitcase

TumiTegra-Lite Max Suitcase

This is one of the toughest bags on the market, which is mostly due to the fact that it is made from the same materials that are being used in the production of NASCAR vehicles. It makes it very difficult for anyone or anything to make some serious damage to the suitcase.  Apart from being tough as hell, the Tumi Max suitcase is also quite spacious, lightweight and organized, just like the rest of the bags in this list. It can be expanded to provide you with even more space for storing things that you just don’t want to leave behind, and it has been made so that this doesn’t have a negative effect on its lightness.

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