Hartmann Luggage Reviews

Hartmann is a renowned luggage brand dedicated to providing its customers with only top-of-the-line products. Ever since 1877, when the company was started, they have been the number one in luggage industry. Today Hartmann products embody a distinctly American sense of style that is unwilling to compromise either on quality or functionality. This kind of attitude results in gorgeous suitcases that are also practical and easy to handle, or in other words – a fashionable traveler’s dream come true.

To make you more aware of everything the brand has to offer, we will move on to the Hartmann luggage reviews, where we will take a closer look at the following three carefully selected products.

Hartmann Luggage 21-inch Herringbone HS Spinner

Hartmann Luggage 21-inch Herringbone HS Spinner

This is above all else a versatile piece of luggage, being suitable enough for a more casual, as well as a formal trip. If you like to breathe luxury into your short getaways, this will be the perfect bag for you. What made us include it in the Hartmann luggage reviews, though, is the fact that it is also extremely durable. This is all thanks to the material that is used in the production, of course. In this case it is the polycarbonate material that is herringbone patterned and given a fantastic finish with the use vegetable tanning techniques. Apart from being tough and stylish, the Herringbone spinner has other features it can use to amaze potential customers. One of them is the great maneuverability that can be thanked to the sturdy handle and the smooth rolling wheels. The interior of the case is another one of its great features. It is fully lined, and includes tied-down straps for holding clothes in place, as well as a zip-around divider that you can use to adjust the storage space according to your own preferences.

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Hartmann LuggagePC4 27-inch Mobile Traveler Spinner

Hartmann LuggagePC4 27-inch Mobile Traveler Spinner

The second item in our Hartmann luggage reviews will be the Mobile Traveler spinner. It is a convenient and stylish suitcase that will certainly prove to be of great value to anyone who is into functionality and organization. The polycarbonate construction makes it capable of flexing with the purpose of impact absorption, which means that this bag doesn’t simply let the pavement and stairs damage it like so many other suitcases do. After impact, it just pops back to the original shape, thus eliminating visible damage. The main inner compartment features adjustable shoulder straps, a divider curtain, and two mesh pockets. What makes it even better is the fact that this Hartmann spinner suitcase comes with a TSA approved lock that will prevent you from worrying about safety of your belongings.

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Hartmann Luggage Herringbone Duffel

Hartmann Luggage Herringbone Duffel

And last, but not least is the Hartmann duffel bag, which is an amazing combination of high durability and very refined texture. It is mostly made from herringbone jacquard fabric, but some details have been done in leather too. The spaciousness and the gorgeous design of the duffel will make you a proud owner for many years to come.

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