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Are you an expert when it comes to haute couture?. Your choices in clothing, jewelry, and accessories are all top-of-the line and luxurious? Well then, when it comes to investing in luggage, you want to be certain to shop only the brands – like Tumi, Rimowa, and Samsonite Black Label — that offer high end luggage with the greatest quality and style. Your travel pieces should make you stand out from the mundane.

When buying luggage, one of the questions that springs to mind is what to look for in a quality piece? Here we present just some of the very important features of the high end luggage, and the three top choices that are certain to meet all your needs. Whether you seldom travel, or are a real traveler, you can’t go wrong with this.

The features to look for in high end luggage include the latest technology and design. Of course, an important feature is the fashion statement you make with your luggage choice. What you should look for is a bag that glides along with you through the airport, not burdens you down. Are you tired of hurrying through with your bag, only to have the wheels stop or the bag to fall over? That’s irritating, and ultimately unnecessary. You want function and form to be as one, not clumsiness and obsolescence. The bag should also be pleasing to the eye and durable so it doesn’t come apart after just a few trips. In a word, you want the best.

The luggage of the best quality will be light-weight, usually no more than 10 pounds for a full-sized bag, yet extremely durable. This might seem like a stretch, but with the latest technologies, designing such a bag is more than possible. Your luggage should meet your every need for maneuverability, with four 360-degree spinning wheels and a telescoping handle that adjusts to the perfect height. You will also need a place to store important items. Look for updated features like TSA-approved locks that meet legal standards, but don’t jeopardize your valuables. Ultimately, you want your luggage to be stylish and practical, making traveling a joy. You want an high end luggage.


As we promised, here are a few of the best choices in high  end luggage:

Tumi Luggage Tegra-Lite

Tumi Luggage Tegra-LiteTumi offers several sizes of bag in the Tegra-lite line, from the International and Continental Carry-ons to the World-wide Trip Packing Case. These bags are superior to almost all others because Tumi continually looks to improve design and fabrication. The Tegra-Lite Medium Packing Case makes for a sound investment. Its size (28″ x 17.5″ x 11.5″) is great for trips lasting more than a few days. It is surprisingly light because it was made using the most state-of-the-art technologies. The shell is made of Tegris, the same material NASCAR and the NFL use. Some military-grade body armor is made of the same stuff, ensuring strength and durability without unnecessary weight.

Outside, this bag announces itself in style and high end luggage. Available in a range of colors, each also features black bumpers and a reinforced bottom, keeping all of your belongings safe. Tumi has patented its X-Brace 45 handle system – the handle actually adds structural strength to the case. Inside, this bag includes several pockets, zippered compartments, and tie-downs, giving you the flexibility to pack all of the essential luxuries for your trip.

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Rimowa 820.63 Salsa Air

Rimowa 820.63 Salsa AirWeighing in at only 6.6 pounds, this 26” bag gives you everything you could possibly want in a high end luggage. Rimowa is well-known to discriminating travelers around the world. The engineering behind the designs and the functionality are legendary. It is safe to say that it is one of the most popular luggage pieces in the world. This hard case is made of super-strong polycarbonate, the go-to material for durability, not bulk. This makes it both light and durable. Even if those burly luggage handlers toss your Salsa Air to the ground, it will maintain its shape and still protect everything you packed.

The sleek design of this high end luggage features a one-of-a-kind telescoping handle, four sets of spinning wheels, and ergonomic top and side handles. Inside, you’ll see enough room for all you’ll need for your vacation or extended business trip. If you’ve experienced fall-out from other bags, no need to worry with this one. Rimowa has included zippered netting to contain your stuff on each side of the bag, so when you open it, all is still safely and neatly organized.

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Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite

Samsonite Black Label CosmoliteIf standing out from the crowd is your thing, then this is perfect high end luggage for you! It is stunning –reminiscent of an oyster shell. This 26” spinner weighs only a little over 7 pounds, leaving you lots of leeway to pack that extra pair of shoes. Samosonite’s Curv material is exclusive and made of woven polypropelene, layers of which form this case’s rigid, beautiful shell. It can withstand an enormous amount of pressure without braking, so you don’t need to worry about your stuff arriving at the airport baggage claim in smithereens. And if you’re worried about storing your valuables, this bag has the latest in TSA locks, an essential for your peace-of-mind.

The Cosmolite is easy to handle, whether you are rolling along with the locked telescoping handle, or your driver is lifting it from the trunk. There is nothing bulky or inconvenient about this bag, and the interior continues to delight. There is room for everything you could want to store, and the pockets are conveniently placed. A zippered barrier keeps one side packed neatly away from the other, and handy stretchy straps keep everything in place. The lining is durable and will cradle all your belongings in luxury. This bag is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers, and it will last for years. You can be sure you it will keep your mind on your travels, where it belongs, and not worrying about your stuff.

A traveler with exquisite taste cannot go wrong with any of these high end luggage. Just choose the level of luxury you want, pack up and jet off to exotic locales!

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