Jessica Simpson Luggage Reviews

If you are one of the admirers of Jessica Simpson’s style, we have got some good news for you. Her signature bag collection now includes travel gear as well.

Jessica Simpson’s bags, shoes and other accessories are designed with the help of the famous singer herself. They are supposed to reflect her fun and sexy side and judging by the reviews, they are doing just that. It is all done with the use of only the finest materials, trendy and vibrant colors, as well as sometimes elegant, and at other times playful lines. So if you are looking for a new suitcase and wouldn’t mind having one that looks great, just move on to our Jessica Simpson luggage reviews.

Jessica Simpson Snake 20-inch Twister Hard Side Suitcase

Jessica Simpson Luggage Snake 20 Twister Hardside

First we will review one of the most popular items from Jessica’s collection, which is the Snake hard side suitcase. This lovely piece of luggage has many great features that make it a great candidate for the Jessica Simpson luggage reviews. Some of its best qualities include roomy interior, durable case and excellent maneuverability. The polycarbonate composite construction is both sturdy and scratch-resistant, and it is also made to absorb impact so that the case doesn’t get damaged. The interior is deep and brightly lined, as well as equipped with more than enough pockets. It also features adjustable garment straps and a zippered lid compartment. What makes it so easy to navigate are the spinner wheels and the retractable handle. The wheels are made to rotate up to 360 degrees, while the handle features a push-button system. Apart from being convenient, as we have already established, this Jessica Simpson suitcase is also very stylish. The wild snakeskin pattern that covers the case makes it at the same time elegant and eye-catching. It is available in various different shades to allow you to find the perfect match with your own personal style.


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Jessica Simpson Luggage Snake 20-inch Expandable Upright Suitcase

Jessica Simpson Luggage Snake 20 Exp. Upright (Neutral)

Much like the previous suitcase, this is a bag that is at the same time suitable for extended trips and fashionable enough for any jet setter. The case is made from 100% polyester, and the interior is protected with 150 denier heat stamped poly lining. There is enough storage space to pack for an extended weekend getaway, and the bag is equipped with multiple pockets of different sizes and functions. The exterior of the case features a front zipper pocket and a convenient handle that can be locked at different heights.


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Jessica Simpson Getaway Travel Tote

Jessica Simpson Getaway JS4321 Travel Tote

This is one of the more compact travel totes that are currently available on the market, which is why we wanted to include it in our Jessica Simpson luggage reviews. One of its best features, other than functionality, is the design. This Getaway travel tote looks absolutely gorgeous, not only because of the soft lines and the finest material, but also because it combines colors with great success. Not many multi-colored bags can be worn on different occasions, but Jessica Simpson’s travel tote is definitely one of them.


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