Lightweight Luggage Reviews

With the increase in restrictions on bag weights, charges for luggage and numerous travelers seeking to avoid the hassle of checking bag, the demand for lightweight, durable and reliable baggage has exploded.  Companies are competing by employing the latest materials and technology to create bags that will meet the rigorous demands of today’s traveler and airline restrictions.

So what is lightweight luggage?  Lightweight luggage must not exceed 10 pounds, empty for a 22” carry-on bag.  Many bags will weigh even less than that.  It is also important to pay attention to the weight of frames, wheels and handles as all those items will add weight to the suitcase. So in choosing a bag you need to weigh all the features including the weight.

Lightweight luggage can be hard case or soft-sided.  The hard case light weight bags are usually made out of polycarbonate and the soft-sided made out of high durable and strong nylon.  You can also find expandable and non-expandable options although the expandable options may lead you to over pack.  Lightweight luggage means that you have the weight for the things you need or pick up along the way rather than the bag itself.  If you are among those who may tend to bring more than enough, than a lightweight bag is essential!

Since it looks like weight restrictions and baggage fees are here to stay, a good sturdy, lightweight bag will be a travel necessity whether you are an occasional vacation traveler or a frequent flyer business traveler.  Don’t let your bags weigh down your travel experience!

Antler New Size Zero

Antler New Size Zero

Antler’s New Size Zero lightweight luggage is both lightweight and slim.  The carry-on comes in at just under 6 pounds with a depth of about 9 inches.  In addition to the carry-on, Antler New Size Zero also comes in medium and large sizes. These bags are not just lightweight but also strong and durable.  Their patented frame is flexible and lightweight.  This bag offers all the features of a heavier bag including a durable handle and patented smooth glide wheels. This bag will allow you to pack all that you need while not weighing you down.

Inside there are compartments to keep things separate and make packing fast and easy.  It includes a hanger loop for suits, shirts, skirts and dresses. It has a comfort handle to make maneuvering and lifting a breeze!  The corners are designed to be durable for making their way through crowded airline terminals and hold up to harsh handling and treatment.

The bag is expandable so you can over pack without being weighed down.  The New Size Zero will help you have all you need on your trip or all that you desire to bring home.  To keep those belongings secure while you are traveling, each bag has a TSA approved lock allowing ease in getting through security and not risk having the lock broken or damaged. Antler New Size Zero offers a 10 year warranty on this bag, giving you the assurance that this bag will serve you well for years to come!

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Bric’s 25″ Travel Trolley

Bric's 25 Travel Trolley

Bric’s 25” Travel Trolley combines a fashion statement with a great piece of luggage that will carry everything you need for that 4-5 day trip. Whether traveling for business or that long-awaited vacation, this bag will make your packing and traveling much easier!  The bag is lightweight coming in at around 8 pounds.  It is soft-sided and has convenient zipper pockets on the outside for items you need to reach quickly.  Its roomy interior and pockets make packing a breeze allowing you to separate items.  In addition to its lightweight, the spinner wheels will make maneuvering through the airport a breeze.  It comes in four great colors including Cognac and an eye-popping Magenta.

Its roomy interior with compression straps will allow you maximize packing space assuring that you can bring or bring back all that you need. The convenient top and side handles give you options for lifting and carrying.  In addition to all its practical details, it is a beautiful bag that you will be proud to be seen with.  The handle can zip away in the back.  It has a unique shape with curved corners that blend with the rest of the bag. It has stylish leather zipper pulls.  So not only will packing be a breeze with all the room you need but you will also look great while you travel.

Bric’s 25” Travel Trolley is a great lightweight bag that doesn’t sacrifice style for durability and convenience.

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Carlton Titanium Spinner Trolley

Carlton Titanium Spinner Trolley

The Carlton Titanium Spinner Trolley is a lightweight bag with a light frame and sleek style that will get you wherever you are going.  It comes in at just under 8 pounds.  Every aspect of this bag has been designed to be sleek and lightweight.  Don’t be fooled by its lightweight, this is a durable bag that will stand up to the harshest airline treatment.  It doesn’t sacrifice on space or style either. It has a roomy interior with multiple pockets to separate items making packing simple and fast.  It is soft-sided and expandable so you can pack just what you need to leave home, knowing you will have room to expand for all those souvenirs and gifts you pick up along the way.

It is packed with style with a curved outside pocket that has the zipper tucked underneath.  It comes in great eye-popping colors including a vibrant purple, a classic navy blue and a bright red.  You won’t miss this bag in the carousel between its great style and unforgettable color making it easy to find your bag and get on your way fast. Keep all your belongings safe with the TSA approved lock.

This bag combines great style with lightweight durability.  You will be proud to be seen with this modern, eye-popping bag as your make your way easily through the terminal and baggage claim.  Its roomy interior has space for all you need with features that make packing, carrying and maneuvering a snap.

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