Lipault Luggage Review

Although the company has been established not so long ago, Lipault is considered to be one of the best known French luggage brands. And why do you think that happened?

The answer is quite simple – the brand offered only the top quality products and never stopped trying to attract new customers, which is kind of necessary, considering the number of competitors they are forced to deal with on an everyday basis. It is the truth that nowadays you are either going to swim or sink. There is no middle ground, and the brand launched by designer François Lipovetsky took it seriously and started producing suitcases that very soon became a real hit.

A true Lipault luggage review can’t forget to mention some the brand’s features that make it so different from all the others. This includes bright trendy colors that are used to make a fashion statement, remarkably lightweight design, luxurious, but not overly sensitive fabrics and innovative gear.

Lipault Paris 22-inch 4-wheeled Carry-On Suitcase

Lipault Paris 22-inch 4-wheeled Carry-On Suitcase
We had to include this case in the Lipault luggage reviewsimply because it is one of the brand’s greatest accomplishments. It is made from sleek and durable nylon fabric that is adorned with monogrammed lining. The spacious inner compartment features lots of pockets that you can use to store and organize your things. It also has two compression straps that are adjustable and allow you to maintain order in your traveling home. The lid of the suitcase is equipped with an inside zipper pocket, while there is another large pocket on the front. The latter one can be used for storing items that you might have to take out during your trip, such as travel documents. The multi-direction spinner wheels are capable of getting you through the roughest terrains, and the recessed handle can be locked into different positions.

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Lipault Paris19-inch Weekend Tote

Lipault Paris19-inch Weekend Tote
If you are looking for a bag that will get you through a weekend getaway in the most comfortable way, then the Paris Weekend tote is the perfect choice for you. The bag is water-resistant, mainly thanks to the high quality nylon twill fabric that is used in the production. It features a design that is so light that it could almost make you stop noticing your fully loaded bag. The interior has been designed with high functionality in mind, which is why it is equipped with multiple different compartments, a padded sleeve for your electronic devices, and a zippered pocket that you can use to store valuables. On the front you will find another organizing compartment that features pen sleeves, card slots, a key clip and a cell phone pocket.

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Lipault Paris19-inch Weekend Shoulder Bag

Lipault Paris19-inch Weekend Shoulder Bag
Another bag that is just perfect for a 3-4 day trips is the Paris Weekend shoulder bag. We have decided to award it with the third place in the Lipault luggage review not because it is the worst item on the list, but because it is the most compact, and therefore more like a backpack. Like every other Lipault product, this shoulder bag is lightweight, durable, functional and spacious.

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