Lucas Luggage Review

Let’s face it, most people don’t spend much time worrying about their luggage. That is the only reason why you can see so many of them struggling with their suitcases when they need to go through a checkpoint. If they ever did invest either time or money in getting the right luggage, they would actually look like they are going on a vacation. Most people will argue that good luggage costs money, but we don’t believe that to be a valid enough argument. The reason for this is mostly the fact that it is actually quite easy to find a quality luggage brand that offers inexpensive products.

One such brand is the Lucas luggage. Lucas is a company that provides its users with high quality travel gear without charging too much for it. To help you realize that you really can afford a decent suitcase, we are going to do a Lucas luggage review that will include three of their top selling products.

Lucas Vortex Lite 24-inch Expandable Ultra Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

Lucas Vortex Lite 24-inch Expandable Ultra Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

The first one to be a part of our Lucas luggage review will be the brand’s Vortex Lite suitcase. This product is at the same time roomy, durable, functional and inexpensive. The case is made from high quality honeycomb polyester that helps keeping it light. This is important because lightness is one of the bag’s best features. It can be thanked the Ultra Lightweight construction that was specially developed for suitcases like this one. And although you might not believe it, this 24-inch expandable bag weighs only five pounds. The roomy interior of the Vortex spinner suitcase has been lined to protect your belongings from getting damaged by any kind of impact. The 360-degree spinner wheels are there to improve your traveling experience, and they do that by making going from one place to another a much less difficult task, even with a fully loaded trunk. The telescopic handle is equipped with a push button and made extra comfortable to hold onto while walking around town. One of the reasons why we chose this particular suitcase is its eye-catching design and a wide range of fashionable colors you can choose from.


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Lucas World Tour Hard Side 24-inch Spinner Suitcase

Lucas World Tour Hard Side 24-inch Spinner Suitcase

This suitcase has all the benefits of the Vortex bag, and more. Its hard side case offers an even better protection, which means that you can treat it with less care, and still not worry about it getting damaged. There is another reason why our Lucas luggage review wouldn’t be complete without it, and that is the suitcase’s amazing design. The shell features an interesting and eye-catching printed pattern of various international travel logos.


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Lucas Accelerator 20-inch Expandable Club Duffel

LucasAccelerator 20-inch Expandable Club Duffel

This is an extremely convenient bag that you can use as a carry-on as well. It is made from highly durable 1680 denier polyester and equipped with two side handles. To make sure that you don’t run out of space, the manufacturer has added an extra inch on both sides.


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