Luxury Luggage Brands

Luxury Brands sell more than an actual product, they create an image of a desired way of life for their customers. After all, anyone can have a practical, sturdy piece of luggage to get their things from here to there, but  luxury luggage brands gets you to your destination in style.

What makes a brand a luxury brand as opposed to simply a good brand or a reliable brand? It is about that attention to beauty and style. It is an array of choices of colors and personalization. A luxury bag stands out and therefore makes the traveler stand out as someone of style and good taste. A luxury bag makes travel simpler by paying attention to the materials, design and style. Luxury luggage brands assume that what goes into the bag is also luxurious and needs the special attention to detail and style that luxury luggage provides. Each component of the bag from the compartments inside, mesh linings and compression panels to keep clothes from wrinkling is designed to protect the valuables within. The traveler knows with assurance that no matter how fragile, their belongings will arrive safe and sound at their destination.

Luxury luggage brands also appeal to the style of the traveler. Is your style sophisticated and classic, then you might opt for a bag of English leather in a beautiful earth tone with a personal monogram? Is your style more high tech and modern then you might opt of a sleek, hard case bag made of the latest polycarbonate material that is both strong and lightweight? Maybe you love color and have a flashy style. Your luxury bag will have a stand out design in a bright color making you impossible ignore.

Luxury is not just about how well made the bag is but rather is an extension of the person who purchases it. The luxury bags tells the world something about the traveler – tells us their style and personality that makes them impossible to ignore.



TumiTumi luggage was born out of the experiences of its Peace Corp member founder, Charlie Clifford. From its beginning, Tumi designs state of the art luggage that is resilient, technologically advanced and easy to use. They offer a wide selection of sizes and styles including carry-ons, garment bags, large bags and backpacks. Tumi truly offers an exceptional product whether the traveler is back packing, on a quick business trip or that hard-earned overseas vacation. Tumi offers both hard case and soft sided options. Tumi made its name in the soft sided market first but don’t be fooled by the nylon in the material list, this is not your average nylon. Tumi uses their own patented FXT nylon that will endure the harshest treatment and still look great. Many of Tumi’s products allow for personal monogramming. Tumi offers a wide range of colors whether you want that color to be the entire bag or just a bright pop on the zippers and handles.

Tumi pays attention to the details and that is why it is among best luxury luggage brands. Tumi holds patents on the many parts of their bags including state of the art zippers that meet TSA requirements for locking, to a tracer that allows lost or stolen luggage to be quickly returned to its owner and their handle-brace which makes the bag lighter and protects the handles from damage.

Travelers can put together up to three bags allowing them to make their way easily through the airport, or hotel or convention center with only one hand.

Tumi luggage has a bag to meet the needs of every discerning traveler!

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rimowaRimowa is one of luxury luggage brands specializes in hard case luggage that comes in either aluminum or state of the art lightweight polycarbonate. Their luggage will protect any valuable no matter how fragile. All of Rimowa’s luggage offers a sleek, high tech modern look. You can choose from the classic silver aluminum to a wide range of beautiful colors including Night Blue, Ultra Violet and Jet Green. Their signature style is original grooved exterior which is on all their products.

Rimowa pays attention to every detail and each bag has two hundred individual parts designed to work together for a bag that is beautiful and durable. Their flex divider system with net cover makes packing simple and keeps belongings in their place. It also provides separation to keep more fragile items from damage from heavier items.

Rimowa trademark multiwheel system features eight wheels, not four and allows for full 360 degree turning. This makes maneuvering through a crowded airport a breeze and gets you around those tight corners. The handle on the Rimowa is sleek and smooth, easily tucking away when not needed and sliding out with easily without sticking. Many of their products offer multiple handles allowing you to find the easiest way to carry it wherever you are going.

Rimowa offers a sleek modern style, with its distinctive grooved exterior for the traveler that wants to protect their belongings no matter how harsh the conditions. Rimowa’s extensive collection has pieces to meet every traveling need from business trip, for daily use, to the long awaited and hard earned vacation.

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VictorinoxVicorinox Swiss Army, yes the same company known for the Swiss Army Knife. Vicorinox among luxury luggage brands offers two collections. The soft sided Lexicon is made of their proprietary Tourmax Ballistic nylon. This state of the art material will last for years, endure the harshest treatment and still have you traveling in style. The hard case Spectra collection is made of state of the art polycarbonate. It is durable and will protect all your belongings from damage.

Vicorinox handles offer three different heights to accommodate the needs of all heights of travelers, no more struggling to get the handle to that perfect height. Their dual castor wheels will make for smooth maneuvering with 360 degree turning for those crowded terminals and tight corners.

Vicorinox offers their luggage in range of colors and some color combinations allowing you to find one to match your style. Color options include any eye-popping red, a deep vibrant purple and an eye-catching red/black combination.

Inside these bags are plenty of room for all that you will need to bring with you. There are dividers to protect and separate. The tie-down straps make sure it all stays in place while you travel.

Vicorniox offers state of art locks that are TSA approved. The bags come with a tracking system allowing bags to more quickly be returned should they be lost or stolen. Forget that lock combination? No worries Vicorinox offers a registry system to recover your combination should you forget it.

Vicorniox is among luxury luggage brands and it stands up to the outstanding reputation of the Swiss Army name. It offers sleek style, durability and reliability that will take you on the shortest of business trips to the long leisurely vacation and everything in between.

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