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When you think about luxury you think about something that is above and beyond. It is not just good or just useful or reliable. Luxury is about all those things and more. Luxury is about beauty and going the extra mile – so an array of choices and colors, personalization, and without question durable and long-lasting. Luxury embodies the phrase “you get what you pay for.”

When it comes to luggage everyone wants it to be reliable, to meet the airline requirements, and we want it to hold our things. Luxury luggage should also be beautiful. It should be something you are proud to display, and that gives an impression to all who see it that the person who possesses it has good taste. Luxury luggage includes a wide range of colors to fit a wide range of tastes. It can include options like monograms making finding one’s luggage in a baggage claim simple. It can also offer multiple matching options such as large pieces, carry-ons and cosmetic cases. The materials are beyond the nylon of typical luggage including things like English cowhide leather or the state of the art Tegris. It offers features that will keep clothes from wrinkling, compartments for holding a variety of odd-shaped items like shoes making it easy to pack and arrive at your destination with your belongings ready to go. Luxury luggage makes the entire travel experience just that much better, easier and enjoyable.

Rimowa Salsa Air

Rimowa 820.63 Salsa AirRimowa Salsa Air pieces are state of the art luxury hard case luggage. Rimowa luggage provides the durability and protection of a hard case in a light weight material. Each piece possesses a sleek modern design in multiple choices. They offer sixty-seven different pieces for all of your luxury luggage needs including stylish cosmetic cases, carry-ons and sports trunks. Each piece offers wheels to move you easily through the airport, the convention center or hotel and includes sound dampening so that you move sleekly and silently to your destination.

Rimowa offers a deluxe hybrid piece that the protection of a hard case for items with the convenience and flexibility of soft outside pockets. Inside there are two roomy compartments which include netting to prevent wrinkling and a strap to secure everything in place. On the outside, it has 2 soft-case compartments for smaller items making them easily accessible. Perfect for carrying a tablet, travel documents, and that book you have meaning to read.

Another unique option from Rimowa is their sport trunks which come in two sizes. They are specially designed for holding sports equipment, keeping belongings firmly in place and protected while traveling. They can even hold a tennis racket. Each piece includes a handle for vertical wheeling around as well as a handle on the side for laying down and easily accessing the contents.

Whether you are traveling for a weekend of sports or that crucial business trip, Rimowa has luggage to meet your needs. Rimowa Salsa Air luggage embodies luxury for the traveler seeking a professional sleek look.

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Tumi T-Tech Cargo Extended Trip Packing Case

Tumi T-Tech Cargo Extended Trip Packing CaseThe Tumi T-Tech Cargo Extended Trip Packing Case is a sleek, futuristic-looking case that doesn’t hide its strength. This hard case piece is made of a hard polycarbonate material that is remarkably light-weight. It looks tough and it is a tough piece of luxury luggage!

It comes in four different color options including a striking indigo check, “you won’t miss it” camo white, a sleek sky blue and black. The surface is textured allowing for lots of hard wear that doesn’t show. It will endure harsh treatment from the baggage carousel, the trunks of vehicles and hurried baggage handlers. Inside there is space for everything you need for a long trip including a zippered pocket, a removable garment bag and straps to hold everything in place. It has a retractable, telescoping handle making moving through the airport, busy streets or hotels a breeze. The curved edges and bumper keeps your case from damage. The zippers have TSA approved locks keeping your belongings safe from theft.

This piece of luggage is perfect for that long vacation or multiple city business trip. It will hold all you need, keeping your belongings secure, wrinkle-free and ready to go when you arrive at your destination. It is easy to maneuver and light weight. Its sleek, futuristic design will make it easy to spot in a baggage claim and is perfect for those who love that sleek, modern, industrial look.

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Briggs & Riley Torq

Briggs & Riley TorqThe Briggs and Riley Torq line offers luxury luggage with sleek modern design and two style options with three eye-catching metallic colors of magenta red, cobalt blue and granite grey. These hard case beauties combine durability, secure all your belongings and are remarkably light-weight coming in at just under 9 pounds – particularly helpful when you have a lot to bring and want to keep under that fifty pound airline limit. The handles are ergonomic and have three different heights to accommodate everyone. Each of the pieces is designed so it can be hooked to another, making things easier and faster for maneuvering with multiple bags.

The International Spinner carry on comes in standard and wide-body and is brilliantly designed with an easily accessible panel to hold items you may need to access while traveling like your travel documents, that work you were planning to get done on the plane or that long-awaited novel. Inside there is a zippered mesh compartment to separate items, a compression panel to keep clothes wrinkle free and straps to make sure it all stays in place. The wide body includes a hanger for that suit, shirts or blazer to be ready to go on arrival!

The Medium and Large spinners are designed for those longer business trip or long-awaited vacations. Inside they have multiple pockets for holding all that you need for your trip. Includes a wet/dry pocket to protect items and keep them separate.

This line of luxury luggage has options for all sorts of travel. Its sleek modern lines and bright colors will help make you stand out above the crowd.

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