Most Durable Luggage

Nothing is more frustrating than choosing to invest in a product and then not having the product stand up to wear and tear or last very long. When it comes to luggage, it is critical that the bag stand up to the rigors of travel and last multiple trips. Due to that we give you our list of most durable luggage.

What are some of the qualities of most durable luggage? It needs to not fall apart when being tossed and turned by baggage handlers and machines. Nothing will get a trip off to a bad start more than arriving at the baggage claim and finding out that your bag fell apart and now all of your belongings are in a luggage bin. Most durable luggage should also not immediately show wear and tear such as scratches or tears in the fabric. The zippers need to hold together even when the bag is packed full. Also the pulls and zipper should slide easily, not get stuck or break apart as you open and close the bag.

Luggage that only makes it through one or two trips without showing wear and tear is frustrating. For the frequent traveler it is critical that luggage hold up to multiple trips in short periods of time. If you are a frequent traveler you know your luggage is an essential part of your work that should not need to be replaced constantly and that is why you will choose most durable luggage.

It will take both the occasional and frequent traveler through the stress of travel and still look great. With all the other stress of travel, the endurance of your bag should not be one of them.


Delsey Luggage Helium Aero

DelseyHeliumAeroDelsey Helium collection is a hard case line of luggage that combines durability, lightweight and style. The hard case of this most durable luggage will hold up to the harshest treatment and keep your belongings safe and secure. Every aspect of these bags has been designed to be reliable and durable. Delsey Helium features Zip Securi Tech which is designed to be 41 times more resilient. No worries about struggling to zip the bag closed or the zipper breaking! The wheels while maneuvering easily are also designed to be silent so you won’t worry about waking people in your hotel as you wheel the bag to your room on those late night arrivals! The TSA approved lock on this most durable luggage will keep your belongings safe.

The inside is spacious and has a zippered compartment that keeps belongings separated. The other side of this most durable luggage features compression straps keeping everything in place and allowing you to fit even more in the bag. The collection features a toiletry case that will secure all your items. It can be hooked to the larger bags or carried over the shoulder.

Delsey Helium bag does not skimp on style. It has a sleek, modern look. It is available in a number of eye-catching colors including a bright Blue, and a hot pink Peony. You will be noticed making your way effortlessly through the airport with this bag and no trouble at all finding it at the baggage carousel.

If you are looking for a bag that has it all – durability, lightweight and fashionable than the Delsey Helium Aero is for you!

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Travelpro Luggage Crew-9

Travelpro Crew-9 21” Carry-onThe Crew-9 collection from Travelpro is a highly reliable and durable lightweight luggage that comes in both hard case and soft-sided options. It comes in multiple sizes for every travel need including backpacks, carry-ons and duffels. The soft-sided cases of this most durable luggage are made of a 2000D Twisty nylon fabric that resists scratches, wear and stains. The hard cases are made of polycarbonate with a textured finish to reduce the appearance of wear. In addition to being durable, they are also lightweight allowing for ease of use and keeping you under those pesky weight limits!

The wheeled bags come with a sturdy telescoping handle that is also comfortable to make maneuvering through airports and crowds a breeze. The wheels are durable and maneuver easily. The lines of the bags are water resistant. The interior of the bags are spacious and offer a variety of pockets and compartments including options for keeping wet items separate. There is a bag option for every length of trip – either quick weekend get-away or the multi-city business trip.

Travelpro bags are designed to hold up to frequent wear and tear. The handles, zippers and wheels are made both for ease of maneuvering and carrying while also holding up to the stress of travel. You will be thrilled at how easily this sturdy bag will move through a crowded airport, security and onto your final destination. For the frequent traveler for whom durability is key, this bag is up to the task, showing minimal wear and tear while also securing belongings from damage.

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Samsonite Luggage Fiero

Samsonite Fiero 20”SpinnerSamsonite Fiero is a three piece hard case collection and known as most durable luggage. The case is made of polycarbonate making it both durable and lightweight. This hard case collection is designed with scratch-resistant micro-diamond texture. These bags will keep looking great trip after trip. With three different size choices, they have a match for the quick weekend jaunt and the long multi-city adventure. These cases expand assuring that you will have plenty of room for what you bring and what you bring home with you.

The wheels are lightweight and provide 360 degree turning making maneuvering crowded terminals and narrow airplane aisles a breeze. The handle is retractable and stays locked in place both when stored away and when you are using it assuring you won’t have a mishap while rushing to catch that connecting flight. In addition it offers a TSA approved lock to keep your belongings safe.

Inside of this most durable luggage there is plenty of room and a zippered mesh compartment to keep belongings separated and secure. The compression straps will hold things in place maximizing space. The Samsonite Fiero also doesn’t compromise on style. It has a modern sleek look. The collection has 4 great colors including a gorgeous blue and an eye-popping purple. You won’t miss your bag when going to collect it from baggage claim.

The Samsonite Fiero combines durability and lightweight, an unbeatable combination for the frequent traveler. You will also look great with its great style and color. It will keep you traveling in style trip after trip, year after year!

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