Most Expensive Luggage

After years of dealing with the cracked wheels, broken zippers, split seams, and flimsy handles of ordinary luggage, it’s time you invested in something more luxurious. It’s not that you want to show off or flaunt your ability to afford the best, it’s that you want reliable luggage that meets your high standards. With the most expensive luggage, you can be confident that you get the latest technology, design, and materials.

You are probably already familiar with some of the top brands – you’ve seen them at the fancy luggage stores in airports – but you may not know why they are considered top-of-the-line. The best brands of luggage don’t follow trends, they set them. Brands like Tumi, Rimowa, and Briggs & Riley innovate regularly and have proprietary features that set them apart from everyday luggage. They keep you, the customer with particular needs and exacting standards, in mind as they research and develop the best in luggage.


Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley Travelware

Briggs & Riley’s motto is “Simple as That.” What this company means is that all its products are guaranteed for life. But it means so much more than that, too. This company looks to make packing, unpacking, and maneuvering your luggage as simple as possible. Whether you’re on a business trip or a family vacation, you have too much on your mind to worry about your bag, so these pieces are durable, convenient, and stylish.

An excellent mid-sized piece of most expensive luggage is the Briggs & Riley Torq Medium Spinner. This hard-side bag is made of three layers of Makrolon polycarbonate, an incredibly durable yet light-weight material. It can handle the toughest baggage handlers and carousels, and keep all of your belongings safe and sound. In addition, this suitcase has the patented Briggs & Riley Control Panel, a TSA-approved lock that assures security.

Additional luxury features in this most expensive luggage include the Ergonomic Outsider handle, the extension arm that locks into three heights so you won’t be stooping over. It also will not disturb the contents of your bag. The other handles are ergonomically designed and soft to grab. The sets of wheels are 360 degree spinners and afford effortless movement – a real luxury you will appreciate time and time again. The heavy-duty zippers have durable, locking pulls – no worries that they’ll split open in transit.

Inside, you’ll find all the conveniences you expect from a high-end piece of luggage.  You can pack both sides of this piece – not just slip a few things in the pocket under the lid. There is a waterproof pouch for your wet swimsuit, and the large mesh pockets are securely zippered to keep everything organized. A secret zippered compartment allows you to stash important items and the removable Smartlink strap gives you even more options for packing.

This is truly a luxury piece of luggage, and perfect for a five-day trip. You will be pleased with this most expensive luggage, so much so that will want more pieces from Briggs & Riley.

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If you are ready to move up to a high-end carry-on bag, consider the Rimowa Salsa Cabin Multiwheel. Created with the demanding business traveler in mind, this bag meets all of your needs and it is among most expensive luggage. The German engineering and design are second to none, and you can count on this 21” bag to get you from point A to point B and back for years to come.

Because each piece of most expensive luggage at Rimowa is hand-assembled, you know you are getting the finest quality. And, like the best of Rimowa bags, this one has the signature grooves in the hard outer case. It is constructed of a super-strong and super-light polycarbonate, ensuring durability. This little wonder weighs a bit over 6 pounds, so you can lift it with ease. And talk about maneuverability – the spinning wheels and extension handle make this bag float alongside as you zip through the airport or train station.

The design features tell you that this is a bag of the utmost quality – all the edges, the bottom, and the corners are reinforced. It has a TSA-approved lock that will not allow anyone but officials inspect it. The ergonomically-designed handles on the top and side are made to quickly grab this bag and get on your way. The sturdy exterior is one of the reasons this bag has a great guarantee.

Inside, you’ll be thrilled to see the features made especially for you and your quick trip. The two sides are separated by zippered mesh barriers, so you can keep things in their places. One side is deep enough that you won’t have to cram in your clothes, and you can keep them in place with the stretchy straps. This efficient bag will be the best part of your trip even though it is among most expensive luggage!

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For over thirty years, the Tumi brand has been synonymous with superior quality luggage in the most expensive luggage. This company focuses on design, function, and technology to make innovative, durable, and luxurious bags. The sleek look and unparalleled performance of Tumi have made this a worldwide favorite.

If you need a full-sized bag for those extended trips and exotic vacations, look no further than the Tumi T-Tech Extended Trip Cargo Case. This hard-sided 32” bag is made of tough polycarbonate. This strong and light material is textured to reduce signs of wear-and-tear from clumsy baggage handlers to careless cabdrivers. The 360 degree spinning wheels make maneuvering this big bag easy on your arm and the extension handle makes it easy on your back.

Tumi adds luxury features in this most expensive luggage like the patented bumper system that protects the corners and edges, and the TSA-approved locking zippers. You can rest assured that all your precious cargo will stay safe inside this big bag. Another brand exclusive is the Tumi Tracer – a 20-digit number unique to each bag that you use to register your bag. If it gets left behind or misdirected, the finder can call Tumi to get information so you and your bag will be reunited!

This most expensive luggage will be your go-to for extended trips because you’ll be able to pack everything in it. There are mesh pockets, zippered pockets, and space galore. There is even a removable garment sleeve for those special clothes you want ready-to-wear upon arrival. You get all the quality and luxury of high-end case in this most expensive luggage from Tumi.

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