Olympia Luggage Reviews

If you are looking for a brand new suitcase, duffel or travel tote, you might consider Olympia luggage, one of the most popular brands on the market. Olympia is a renowned luggage manufacturer with years of experience in reconciling function and form with the purpose of creating the finest travel gear. Boasting of tens of thousands satisfied customers, this brand surely deserves to be acknowledged, which is why we did some research and ended up with the following Olympia luggage reviews. We tried to include different types of bags, so you might find what you are looking for only by reading the next couple of paragraphs.

Olympia Eight Pocket 29-inch Rolling Duffel Bag

Olympia Eight Pocket 29-inch Rolling Duffel Bag

One of the brand’s most popular products is this 29-inch rolling duffel, and not only thanks to its low price. The bag is also extremely lightweight, durable and roomy enough to accommodate a week’s worth of clothes. It is made from the finest 1200 denier polyester called “Protectflon”, which makes it possible for the bag to be at the same time sturdy and light. Its U-shaped zipper opens up to reveal a large amount of storage space just waiting to be filled with all your travel essentials. Apart from being easily accessible, the main compartment is also well organized. It features eight pockets of different sorts and sizes that you can use to organize your toiletries and accessories. The zippers are self-repairing and the handle is retractable. The recessed in line skate wheels are sturdy and stable, which makes handling the bag a lot easier, especially when you have to move through a crowd. All in all, this duffel, that can be used as a rolling suitcase as well, is one of the brand’s best products, which is why it is in the Olympia luggage reviews.

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Olympia Evansville 3-piece Luggage Set

Olympia Evansville 3-piece Luggage Set

Another item on the list is this three-piece luggage set that can be used to effortlessly pack your whole family. The suitcases are made from polyester fabric of the highest quality, and each of them features fashionable color details that accentuate their clear and elegant lines. The interior is quite roomy, and can be expanded to provide you with extra storage space, which is especially convenient if you are going on a family vacation. It is also equipped with dual zippered pockets, as well as interior hanging ones. The dual buckle tie-belt allows you to fix your belongings in place, thus securing them from getting wrinkles.

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Olympia Tank 30-inch Hard Side Spinner

Olympia Tank 30-inch Hard Side Spinner

This is one of the brand’s finest achievements, which is reason enough to put it in our Olympia luggage reviews. The suitcase is extremely tough, especially thanks to its polypropylene construction. The interior features zippered and mesh pockets, elastic tie-belts and an internal divider that you can use to turn the spacious main compartment into two separate ones for easy organizing. The Tank hard side spinner also features a built-in TSA approved lock that will keep you calm and protect your possessions from any possible harm.


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