Protege Luggage Review

Protege luggage is a renowned brand manufacturer of luggage carriers and travel accessories. Proudly based out of the USA, Protege has made quite a reputation, by offering high quality products to customers over the years.

If you are looking at purchasing some quality luggage carriers at an affordable price, you should consider taking a look at Protege luggage review before you go on to make a decision. Checking reviews will give you a fair idea of how well a product has been received by other customers and will benchmark the quality of the product.

You will also need to determine your own space and other requirements that you may have for travel. Make sure to buy a product that suits your specific needs and do not blindly opt for something.

In this section, we will consider Protege luggage review, taking a look at some of the most popular bags and carriers that are popular among customers all over the world.

The Protege 32-inch Expandable Rolling Duffel Bag

The Protege32-inch Expandable Rolling Duffel Bag

This expandable duffel bag, which has a maximum storage capacity of over 5500 cubic inches, also features a set of wheels on the base, which allows for easy carrying around even with a fully packed bag. Completely made out of Polyester of 600 denier grade, the bag is sturdy and durable. Suitable for all travel purposes, the duffel bag can be expanded or shrunk to accommodate any type of need. The shoulder strap is comfortable and well-made and is detachable and adjustable. This duffel bag is incredibly affordable and makes an excellent travel choice.


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The Protege 18-inch Pilot Upright Case

The 18 inch upright case is perfectly suited for small travel purposes. Featuring a storage capacity of above 1400 cubic inches, the case is made out of polyester, which renders it durable, sturdy and lightweight. The carrier sports a telescopic handle and features in-line wheels, allowing for extreme ease in maneuverability. There are a number of inner and outer pockets on the carry which offer travellers easy organization options. The product carries along with it a 5 year limited warranty.


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The Protege Monticello 25-inch Upright

The Protege Monticello 25-inch Upright

The Monticello is a stylish series of affordable carriers offered by Protege and this model, featuring a storage capacity of 3800 cubic inches, is one of the most popular of the series. Adequately sized, this carrier is made out of polyester and features in-line wheels. The carrier in itself is quite sturdy and lightweight and can be moved around with ease. With a number of leading features and functionality, this carrier also features nifty self-mending zipper closures.

Protege is a provider of some affordable luggage carriers and bags, which provide incredible bang for the buck. If you are on a budget, you should most definitely take a look at Protege luggage review. There are some really great options for you to choose from and all Protege carriers offer a range of features and functionalities to all types of travellers. It is no wonder that Protege products are so widely sought after.


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