Ricardo Polycarbonate Luggage Reviews

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a well-known and established manufacturer of different types of luggage carriers. The company has a history which dates back three decades and it is also one of the largest companies dealing in the manufacture of luggage in the USA. Featuring a wide catalog of luggage products and associated accessories, the company has made quite a reputation and the product catalog features some great designer collection luggage carriers as well.

Before you seek out products blindly, it is recommended that you consider taking a look at Ricardo polycarbonate luggage reviews. There are a number of models that the company provides and you will need to determine which product best suits your requirements, before making a purchase.

While Ricardo Beverly Hills is a trusted brand, you will need to ensure buying products off a trusted retailer as well. There are a number of retail stores, including online stores which stock the brand and you will need to consider the reputation of the seller before making a purchase.

Now that you know what to look out for, let us take a look at some of the best Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage carriers.

Ricardo Polycarbonate Luggage Reviews

Here we will take a look at a couple of Ricardo polycarbonate luggage reviews. These models are quite popular and are highly sought after by customers all over the world.

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The 20 inch Hardside Spinner Carry-On

The Ricardo Luggage Crystal City 20-inch Expandable Spinner Carry-On

This model features a large 20 inch carry space. Made out of polycarbonate,the Spinner Carry-On is lightweight, yet sturdy and durable and protects all of its contents. The interior of the case is lined with mesh dividers which are zippered, allowing easy organization of essential items. The case opens up in a split book style, which offers two separate compartments for packing. The wheels of the model feature 360 degrees of rotation, allowing easy maneuverability. The Spinner Carry-On is expandable, allowing for convenience both when travelling heavy or light. This hardside carrier is a great product and it is featured at a very attractive price.

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The 2 piece Hardside Spinner Set

2 piece Hardside Spinner Set

This 2 piece set from Ricardo offers a couple of lightweight, durable and sturdy luggage carriers. Featuring two expandable carriers, one of 27 inch capacity and the other f 20 inch capacity, the set proves to be ideal for extensive travel. A great feature of these carriers is the corner guards, which protect the edges of the carriers. The polycarbonate material helps protect any belongings stored inside them. The handles of these carriers are retractable, which allows a lot of convenience. The wheels on both the carriers are capable of 360 degrees of rotation, offering ease of maneuverability. This 2 piece set features a 10 year manufacturer warranty and proves to be surprisingly affordable as well.

Ricardo Beverly Hills offers some great polycarbonate luggage carriers which prove to be durable, sturdy and lightweight. The couple of models that we featured in our Ricardo polycarbonate luggage reviewsare some excellent choices as carriers. They are adequately sized and can meet most demands of both heavy as well as light travellers.

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