Rick Steves Luggage Review

Rick Steves is a well-known TV host for travel shows and a guidebook author as well. An experienced campaigner, Rick Steves also features a travel store, including a number of luggage carriers, backpacks and many other travel accessories. As such, the luggage items that are featured in the Rick Steves travel store prove to be immensely useful and offer all of the necessary features that an individual may require when travelling.

With a number of travel products available, you will need to consider looking at Rick Steves luggage review, in order to find the perfect luggage carrier that suits your specific purpose.

As an established and reputed individual, you can be certain that when you opt for a Rick Steves product, you will get the best in quality. However, you must make certain that you choose something that you need and find to be useful.

Rick Steves Luggage Review

Here we will take a look at some of the most popular Rick Stevesluggage review of various models. All of these products have been specially designed in order to provide the most that a traveler may require. These products have satisfied many customers all over the world.

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The Rick Steves 3 Set Packing Cube

Rick Steves 3 Set Packing Cube

This 3 piece packing set made out of durable polyester mesh, offers a number of packing options to travellers. The set features a large container, which has a storage space capacity of 770 cubic inches and two smaller containers, with storage space capacities of 385 cubic inches each. All of the containers are sturdy and durable and feature zippers, which securely hold contents. These bags are collapsible and can be easily packed away for storage when not in use. These packing cubes allow users extreme convenience, allowing quick travel. There is no packing or unpacking involved with these cubes, offering travellers a lot of extra time. Packing cubes are incredibly affordable as well, much lower than luggage carriers of the same holding capacity. This makes the 3 piece packing cube set all the more attractive and it is definitely a great buy.

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The Rick Steves Civita Shoulder Bag

Rick StevesCivita Shoulder Bag

The Civita Shoulder Bag is a highly sought after product which allows travellers quick convenience of a backpack. Made out of microfiber, the backpack can be used to store a notebook in its primary compartment. There is also a very handy front compartment and in total, the shoulder bag offers over 400 cubic inches of space. There are also a couple of mesh pockets on the side for holding water bottles, offering ease of access. The strap of the bag is padded and adjustable, offering a traveller extreme comfort, even when carrying around the bag all day. The microfiber material makes the bag both durable and soft and when not in use, the bag can even double up to serve as a pillow.

There are many excellent travel products listed on Rick Steves Travel store. The couple of models that we featured in our Rick Steves luggage review prove to be some of the most popular products off of the travel store.

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