Roncato Luggage

The land that gives us Vespas and Chianti also gives us Roncato luggage. Just like the Italians themselves, this luggage is stylish and durable. Roncato began as a company that made attaché cases, but expanded to a full luggage company about 30 years ago. This great brand of luggage is family-owned and deeply steeped in the traditions of famous fine Italian design. With their quality products and high level of customer satisfaction, Roncato luggage is prized throughout the world.

One of the first companies to introduce hard shell cases, Ronacato continues to innovate and exceed its customers’ every wish. With benchmarks like the Sphera, the only suitcase that could be pushed with one finger, and the Teenager line, Roncato is an industry leader. Further developments in materials and components make these pieces efficient and beautiful. If you can get your hands on one of these bags, you will absolutely love it.

If the design and engineering of the product is not enough for you, you can look just beyond to the production facilities. This company takes its role as a leader seriously, making sure all its employees have a pleasant and safe workplace. Environmentally conscious, Roncato luggage tries its best to limit emissions and use only products that are safe for the atmosphere. Recycling and other green policies have been the norm in this company for years.

So, you can count on super-high quality because of Roncato’s super-high standards. This company looks to all the details and is passionate about its production.

Roncato Uno Cabin Upright

Roncato Uno Cabin UprightThe heart of Roncato luggage is the Uno, and the Rocanto Uno SL Cabin Upright is one of the absolute best bags you can buy. Like the other pieces in this line, it demonstrates quintessential Italian design. You will be proud to strut this fine bag anywhere you go, and will be amazed how people recognize these kinds of good fashion and style choices. But, this bag, apart from being a real eye-catcher, is also really durable and will last in your service for years. The hard shell is made using the latest technology and materials. The primary material used is the industry-leading polycarbonate. This material is strong and durable, and surprisingly light. Roncato has special molds for this material that give this bag a distinctive look, and you can count on your things getting to your destination in style.

Of course, this carry-on bag has a pair of durable wheels that allow you to pull it through the airport with ease. (Roncato luggage also offers a more deluxe model, with four spinning wheels, if that’s more to your liking.) Wherever you go, you can be sure this bag will obediently follow every move of your hand. The locking extension arm is durable enough to hold an additional bag, and locks into place whether it’s closed or fully open. A true sign of a superior bag, the TSA-approved lock helps keep your things secure without danger of unauthorized people snooping. This bag will keep your valuables safe so you can divert your thoughts to your trip.

Inside the bag, you’ll find roomy compartments to pack all of your essentials. There are pockets and zippered compartments galore – you will be so organized! All your stuff will fit neatly inside and will not thrash or break during your trip. And here’s a great tip: when you have made a few trips and find the inside of your bag has gotten a little soiled, you can simply remove it and wash it! How cool is that?

Waterproof zippers and 13 other patented components make this a model carry-on bag. It comes in several classic colors, and the more you travel with this exquisite bag, the more you’ll love it.

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Roncato Light Medium Upright

Roncato Light Medium UprightA new line for the Roncato luggage family, the Light, made its splash just a few months ago, and it has already become wildly popular among those who look for style and quality. New state-of-the-art technology has gone into the production of this wonderful line of luggage. Available in several sizes, one of the most popular has been the Roncato Light Medium Upright, the mid-size offering for a bit longer trips. If you are going somewhere for more than a few days, this bag is the way to go. One of the innovations for this line is Roncato’s use of Polypropylene, an eco-friendly material. With this, the Roncato brand makes a green statement and does their part in helping the environment. The Light cases are made in a patented way so that they are extremely light. In addition, this new material helps reduce CO2 emissions.

If you are one of those people who make decisions in a green way, you will feel great about buying a Roncato luggage product. The company touts that the Light was designed from inception to employ recycled materials and to be as least harmful to the environment as possible. That consciousness does not, however, take away from the engineering and design of this bag. Super-stylish, lightweight, and sturdy, this suitcase will last you for year to come – and take you places you can only dream of!

But this bag was also made with functionality in mind. The convenient ergonomic handles and telescoping arm allow for you to maneuver this bag with ease. It will go wherever you want it to! The four sets of spinning wheels give you the freedom to push or pull your bag in any direction. Another handy feature that can help you put your mind at rest is the set of TSA locks, making for the ultimate in security. Now you can be sure that nobody except the TSA could open your secure cargo. And, no matter how tough those baggage handlers are, this bag will make it through with flying colors. It can be tossed and turned, and your items will still come out unharmed. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to pack up for an extended trip – partitions, straps, and various compartments. All your things will arrive safe and sound, and you will be the envy of everyone at the baggage carousel!

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