Stylish Luggage Sets

Most people won’t look twice at a suitcase, at least not because of the way it looks. This is because there are a lot of us who don’t value form nearly as much as function. It is different for those of us who like to travel with style. To us, luggage is not only for storing clothes and other travel essentials, but for expressing our sense of style as well.

Since we believe that fashionable travelers should be provided with as much choice as the other type, we have decided to review two renowned brands that offer only stylish luggage sets. So if you are one of those who like their suitcases to be a reflection of their personality, you might find the following paragraphs interesting.

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Diane Von Furstenberg Saluti3-piece Luggage Set

Diane Von Furstenberg Saluti3-piece Luggage Set

We will start our stylish luggage sets review with one of the most fashionable brands that are currently available on the market – Diane Von Furstenberg. This particular set includes three gorgeous suitcases of different sizes that will provide you with enough room to pack all your travel necessities. The matching suitcases all feature a beautiful design, the main characteristic of which is the appealing combination of a retro feel and the modern functionality. Apart from the lovely appearance, the set has many other qualities as well, and they all deserve to be mentioned. The durability of each case has been accomplished with the use of molded ABS construction. The suitcases are all in the hard side category, and their shells were made from composite PC material that is durable enough to last through practically anything without losing its shape. The combination of design and toughness is what makes these bags suitable for any occasion, which is one of the brand’s best features.

Apart from the stylishness and durability, the suitcases that are a part of this set also boast of spaciousness and functionality of storage space. They are equipped with interior valet straps that should help you keep your belongings in order. The four spinner wheels are remarkably tough and reliable, which makes handling the bags a stress-free experience. The telescoping handle provides you with a comfortable grip that will also add to the pleasantness of your traveling experience.

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Pierre Cardin Signature 4-piece Luggage Set

Pierre Cardin Signature 4-piece Luggage Set

We will now move on to show you some more stylish luggage sets. The second on the list is the renowned Pierre Cardin, a brand famous for a distinguished sense of style. This particular product consists of four individual bags that are all made from high quality polyester without any other additives. What makes them unique and extra stylish is the jacquard fabric that the brand uses because of its luxurious look and feel. Apart from being stylish, this set is also roomy, functional and easy to handle, which are all very important features. They can be expanded up to 2 1 inches to provide you with additional storage space in case you need it. The in-line skate wheels and the retractable handle will allow you to enjoy your vacation without struggling with your luggage.

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