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So you have some traveling to do? In the market for some new luggage? The good news is that there are several brands of luggage that will meet your needs – both for features and for price and that are top luggage brands. Whether you are looking for a full set or a single piece, you will find plenty of quality available. And, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still find good luggage that won’t break the bank.

First, you should decide what your needs are. For example, do you think you’ll be traveling via the airlines or more by car? Will you be in hotels or the great outdoors? Do you pack efficiently, or do you tend to take (or buy) too much? These are important factors when you look for luggage. Features such as the outer casing, compartments and pockets, and expandability all should play into your decision.

Regardless of your specific needs, you should look to top luggage brands that include such features as lightweight, durable materials; ergonomic designs; advanced design; and easy portability. Look for the latest in wheels, handles, and locks. You can also be choosy about colors for most brands of luggage – sometimes it’s good to have your bag stand out.


You may also want to consider the company from which you are purchasing. It is not a good idea to grab the luggage on sale at the outlet mall if you have never heard of the company. Do your research, and only buy from authorized dealers. Some brands offer luxury, while others offer ruggedness. You should consider the following top luggage brands for exceptional quality:

Eagle Creek

Eagle CreekThis company is known for tough soft-sided luggage that can take you on the trail as well as into the finest hotels. Designed and engineered by travelers and for travelers, Eagle Creek is among top luggage brands meets whch are exacting standards and exceeds expectations. Most of its gear is multi-purpose and available in multiple sizes and colors.

If you choose a duffel, a carry-on, or a backpack, you can be assured that you will be pleased with your purchase. The latest light-weight materials are strong and will not tear, even if you don’t baby them. Zippers, handles, and wheels are all made for the long haul, and will work well for years to come.

Internal features like the Eagle Creek “wing” system make packing a breeze. This innovation uses straps and fabric to wrap around your things, keeping them in place and protecting them. The expandable pieces are great for those little extras. Because it’s soft-sided, this luggage is easy to store when you’re not using it.

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Genius Pack

Genius Pack logoA company called Genius Pack better deliver genius products. Once you start looking at this top luggage brands, you will be assured that the pieces are indeed genius. This company takes pride in engineering the latest functionality and convenience. Genius Pack has 17 features that are patent-pending, and each of them is brilliant in itself and that is why it is among top luggage brands.

For example, the available Laundry Compression Technology allows you to make your dirty laundry compact by squeezing all the air out of it. Thus, you have more room to pack those souvenirs. Each portion of the interior is designed for a certain item or function – you will be packed and organized in no time, and everything will be secure. Some of the pieces also have built-in chargers for your mobile phone or tablet – great for those long flights. Those are just a few of the genius ideas from this company.

Genius Pack keeps you, the traveller, in mind at all times and works to make their luggage hassle-free. Even if you’re not obsessive-compulsive about having everything in its place, you’ll really appreciate the conveniences of these pieces. You’ll wonder how you got along without your Genius Pack!

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High Sierra

high sierraHigh Sierra is another brand in top luggage brands that offers quality luggage to the adventure traveler. If packing a lot of stuff into an efficient bag is your goal, you’ll find several offerings from this company that will fit the bill. For example, the rolling duffel has become a staple of travelers over the past twenty years. The updated version of the old army packing system is very popular for High Sierra.

The entire line offers superior functionality – plenty of pockets and compartments for all your essentials. The soft-sides allow for expandable packing and easy storage. Outer features like straps, zippered pockets and waterproof materials keep you organized and keep your stuff safe. And don’t be fooled by the stylishness of these bags – they are super-tough. The Duralite fabric is attractive and strong, and it comes in a variety of colors.

For convenience, you cannot go wrong with High sierra Luggage. The company guarantees its products, and customers love them. You can be safe in choosing this brand – and you will be keeping it a long, long time.

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roncatoIf you are a style maven, you might want to consider a luxury brand of luggage. There is not a company out there that can match Roncato for design and function and that is why it is among top luggage brands. This family-owned company originated in Italy, and its bags are luxury defined. If you are on a limited budget, you will probably not find a Roncato bag in your price range. If you are looking to invest in luggage that will take you places for years to come, and do it with the latest in technology, design, and materials, then Look no further.

Roncato has been an industry innovator for decades. It was the first to introduce hard-sided luggage, the first to introduce luggage you can maneuver with one finger, and now it’s the first to offer luggage made with green technology. Roncato treats its employees and customers like family, and takes its role as an industry leader seriously.

Roncato luggage will make you feel like a royal or a superstar. The attention to detail, the conveniences, the ease of movement, the durability without heaviness all add up to an elegant bag that will continue to please you trip after trip.

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Samsonite-LogoSamsonite has been producing quality luggage for generations, and you can always bet on a good value from this iconic brand. Since it has been making reliable bags since your parents’ parents were traveling, Samsonite is not only a trusted brand, but alos an innovative brand and among top luggage brands. It would not be here today if it did not keep with latest technology and design.

Whether you want a full set of luggage, a great carry-on, or a few specialty pices, you can turn to Samsonite. There are lines in every price range, and each comes with the strength of this great company behind it. You know your Samsonite will include features such as ergonomic design, durable materials, and superior maneuverability. Its hard cases are molded with the lightest, most durable materials, like polycarbonate, and the soft sides are made of deeply woven, tear-resistant fabric.

You know Samsonite, and you know that the wheels will work the way you want them to, the handles will not rip away from the frame, and the extension arms will be durable and lock into place. This company strives to make a pleasant and safe environment for its employees. Those employees strive to make a quality product. You really cannot go wrong when you choose top luggage brands like Samsonite. You may have your Samsonite luggage until you have grandchildren, too!

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