Traveler’s Club Luggage Reviews

Based in Southern California and founded in 1986, the Traveler’s Club luggage brand has been providing its customers with high quality luggage for nearly 30 years. They manufacture a wide range of products and have plenty to offer to both frequent travelers and those who only travel once or twice a year.

This brand’s products are all extremely reliable, as well as stylish. Only the finest materials are used to produce them, and the fact that the company has decades of experience in manufacturing this type of goods is of great help in managing to meet quality standards.

Traveler’s Club is a brand that doesn’t shy away from innovation, which makes their suitcases and bags modern and always up-to-date. The latest technology that they have been using includes making bags from polycarbonate, a material that is at the same time remarkably durable and lightweight. One of the keys to their success in increasing sale rates is hybrid luggage, both soft and hard sided. The other very important factor is, of course, the price range, which can be considered quite low when you take the quality of the products into consideration.

To help you get a better understanding of the advantages of owning their travel gear, we will do two Traveler’s Club luggage reviews.

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Traveler’s Club Skyview 2 3-piece Expandable Luggage Set

Traveler’s Club Skyview 2 3-piece Expandable Luggage Set

This convenient luggage set consists of two rolling upright suitcases and one rolling carry-on bag. All three of them are made to be highly durable and easy to handle. This can be thanked to high quality material that the manufacturer uses in the production, and which is at the same time sturdy and light as a feather. The material that we are talking about is the 1200 denier polyester. But these are not the only reasons why we are talking about this specific product in our Traveler’s Club luggage reviews. The suitcases are also quite roomy and very well equipped, featuring two front pockets, rugged molded handles, a strap for attaching an additional bag and an elastic strap that will keep your clothes from moving around too much. When expanded, the suitcases provide you with 2 1 inches of additional space.

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Traveler’s Club Chicago 20-inch Expandable Carry-On Spinner

Travelers Club Chicago 20 Carry-On Expandable Spinner Upright Suitcase

This carry-on is one of the finest examples of what the brand has to offer, which is why we couldn’t leave it out of the Traveler’s Club luggage reviews. It features a sturdy ABS construction that makes it a great choice for frequent travelers as well. The interior is equipped with different mesh and accessory pockets, tie-down straps and a convenient divider that comes with a snap buckle. When you need more space for packing, you can unzip the expansion and voila! – you get another two inches of storage space. Apart from all this, the carry-on is also easy to handle. The EZ glide spinner wheels can rotate up to 360 degrees and thus provide you with increased maneuverability. The handle is a quality addition as well, being easy to pull out and not putting any unnecessary strain on your hands.

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