Wenger Luggage Reviews

When it comes to choosing the right luggage, we often make terrible mistakes before we even come to any final decision. But that is only logical. After all, how many of us know anything about suitcases, duffels, travel totes, etc.?

That is why we’re here – to teach about the key features that you should look for in all travel gear and that will help you choose something really good.

To do this, we are going to take a luggage brand as an example. Since Wenger is a renowned brand with countless satisfied customers and a wide range of products on offer, we thought that it just might be the perfect choice. Our Wenger luggage reviews will be focused on a couple of key features: spaciousness, toughness, organization and lightness. These are also the things that you should be looking for in luggage.

Wenger Travel Gear Neo Lite 24-inch Expandable Spinner

Wenger Travel Gear Neo Lite 24-inch Expandable Spinner

Made from 600D Gucci polycarbonate material, this suitcase boasts of both lightness and sturdiness, which is one of the main reasons why we included it in the Wenger luggage reviews in the first place. However, these are not its only qualities. Much like the rest of the brand’s products, this one is also highly functional and easy to carry around. The interior storage space is large and features many useful additions, like the zippered mesh pocket and compression straps. It is also equipped with a detachable Wetpack and luggage tags. The exterior features two large pockets with zipper tabs. What will make you fall in love with this suitcase is the fact that you won’t have to struggle to pull it around, especially thanks to its smoothly-rolling wheels and the handle that has the most comfortable grip.

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Wenger Travel Gear 20-inch Hard Side Spinner

Wenger Travel Gear 20-inch Hard Side Spinner

This hard side spinner is stylish, rugged and spacious. It will prove to be a valuable traveling companion to anyone who is into functionality, which is why we wanted to mention it in our Wenger luggage reviews. Apart from those advantages, it has many other convenient features. Its construction is extremely lightweight and durable, which makes it very easy to navigate, even through crowded streets. The polycarbonate makes it resistant to both impact and scratching. The main inner compartment is fully lined and spacious, and the bag is equipped with multiple zippered pockets and an adjustable compression strap.

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Wenger Sierra 24-inch Weekend Duffle Bag

Wenger Sierra 24-inch Weekend Duffle Bag

To make it as versatile as possible, we are now going to review a duffle as well. This one is made from Wenger-patented materials that ensure that it is both long lasting and of the highest quality. The design is compact, especially thanks to the zippered pockets and separate storage compartments, which is what makes it a great choice for those who travel on a regular basis. Apart from the already mentioned pockets, the bag also features pockets intended for storing shoes and water bottles. Padded shoulder straps and the handle make this duffle extremely pleasant to wear, thus ensuring a relaxed trip.

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